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Choosing the Best Breed of German shepherd Puppy as a Pet

The German Shepherds are considered as a new dog breed is having an origin that can be traced back to 1899. Though it is a new breed, it is one of the most popular types of dog breeds that people like to keep at home. In the U.S.A, this dog breed ranked the second most popular breed in 2016. This dog breed has lots of talents and features that make them ideal for older adults who are lonely and these breeds give them the best companionship. 

This dog is fun and friendly and can easily adjust to the older adults who live alone or live with other elders or their young grandchildren. It is a great dog for those who are looking for several years of companionship. If you are looking for German shepherds for sale, you should choose breeders who are reliable and take care of the puppies from the beginning. Providing the best training to these puppies from a very early age is also important. 

One such home for shepherd puppies is AKC German Shepherds Home, a temporary home for the puppies of German Shepherds, and then they are sold to the respective buyers as a pet. Here, the puppies are raised with care and love and ensure that the best quality of training is given to them from the beginning. 

Though AKC German Shepherds Home is a family-owned business, the puppies are mainly brought from various parts of Germany, Canada, and North America. 

How the Purchasing Process Happens

To start with the buying process, you should first learn and accept that you are welcoming a fur baby into your home, and you should have open hearts to love the puppy-like child. The buying process is simple and clear, and once the puppy gets selected, some of the vital steps that are followed are-

  1. Vaccination
  2. Registration
  3. Pre-flight checks
  4. Shipping

It is clear that, once you choose the puppy that you want to buy, the seller first vaccinate the puppy to make it free from all sorts of diseases and protect a protective shield from further health issues. Then the puppy is registered, pre-flight checks are made for ensuring easy and smooth transportation and shipping is made. 

Why You Should Choose AKC German Shepherds Home 

Though various organizations raise German shepherd puppies, AKC German Shepherds Home is considered the best one due to some vital reasons-

  • Socialized And Handled With Care

The puppies here are taken care of from birth, and they are handled, socialized and trained with the utmost affection. They are handled daily from an early age; the muzzles are moved up and down, the mouth is opened, and they are being held back in the air and made socialize. 

  • They Are Raised As A Family

Here in this home, these puppies are raised as a family, providing them with utmost care and affection so that they easily get accustomed to a new home. The first week of their birth is crucial, and the team notices every step of the dog and provides what they need. They are made to socialize by playing with other old dogs and children. 

If you are looking for German shepherd puppies or larger dogs, choosing the best breed is crucial. 

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7 Essential Tips for Moving With a Dog

Moving is stressful enough as it is. But moving with a dog is a whole other ball of wax, one that can leave you feeling anxiety-ridden and overwhelmed.

As such, you have to plan properly. Need a little help doing so? Then read on. Here are 7 essential tips for moving with a dog.

Consider Your Dog’s Comfort Level When It Comes to Travel

Not all dogs handle travel in the same way. Some dogs have extreme anxiety over it and will experience extreme discomfort during the actual move; others are alright with it and generally aren’t phased; many fall in the middle of these two extremes.

In any case, you need to assess your dog’s comfort level when it comes to travel and work to accommodate it. For instance, if your dog hates traveling, you might consider getting him or her some anti-anxiety medication. Or, you might consider leaving a treat in your car so that your dog stays distracted throughout the trip.

The last thing you want to deal with on your moving day is a dog that’s anxious and misbehaving. Know your dog’s temperament and work to help him or her feel comfortable.

Establish a Comfortable Area in Your Vehicle

You’re likely going to be using your vehicle to transport some of your items. But you shouldn’t just jam your dog in between these items. You need to establish a comfortable, dedicated area in which your dog can relax.

The passenger seat would probably be a good spot for this. Lay a dog bed down on the seat and fill it with some of your dog’s toys. Make sure to have a dog seat belt ready as well, as you want to keep your pet strapped into the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Keep Proper Identification on Your Dog

As we’ve noted, dogs can get nervous when it comes to travel. And in some cases, when a dog gets nervous, it will run away. There is some potential of this happening to your dog.

As such, before moving day, you need to make sure that your dog is fitted with proper identification. Have up-to-date ID tags made and ensure that they include your name, new address, and phone number. You should also make sure that your dog has been microchipped.

If your dog gets away from you, and if he or she isn’t wearing proper identification, he or she could end up being lost forever. You don’t want to lose your pup, especially on a day on which you should be excited. Get those tags and make sure they’re securely attached.

Take Breaks

If you’re moving less than 3 hours away, you don’t need to stop for any breaks. In fact, the sooner you can get your dog to the new home, the better off you’ll be.

However, if the trip is longer than three hours, you should make a stop every 3 hours or so. Let your dog out, take him or her for a walk, and give him or her a chance to go to the bathroom.

Small breaks such as these will give your dog a chance to blow off steam. Just make sure to choose a relatively open area. You don’t want your dog to freak out due to large crowds. Most designated rest areas will suffice.

Play With Your Dog After You’ve Arrived

You’ve just arrived at the new house. You’re ready to start moving everything around. But before you do, you should take some time to play with your dog.

Your dog’s been cooped up in a car for hours. He or she is anxious about what’s happening. By playing tug of war with a rope or by playing a game of fetch, you can set your dog at ease and help him or her to feel at home.

You don’t need to do this for long. 10 minutes will do. But, if you want your dog to feel comfortable, it must happen.

Prepare a Room for Your Dog in the New House

When your dog gets to your new place, he or she is bound to be experiencing some anxiety. After all, your dog doesn’t know what’s going on. For all he or she knows, he or she is being taken in by someone else.

It’s your job to reassure your dog. How do you do this? By preparing a room for your dog with all of his or her favorite things.

This room should include a bowl of food, a dish of water, preferred toys, and anything else that might help make your dog comfortable. Make sure to also have a dog bed or floor pillow available, as your dog is likely to be tired from the ride.

Consider Professional Services

Don’t have the room to transport your dog in your vehicle? Worried that something might go wrong? If so, you could consider utilizing dog transportation services instead.

There are all sorts of companies that provide these services. They make sure that your dog is safe and comfortable and get him or her to the desired location in an organized and timely manner.

There are both road and air services available. So, whether you’re moving 5 hours away or 15 hours away, you will be accommodated.

Moving With a Dog Is Stressful But Achievable

Yes, moving with a dog is stressful. No, you don’t have to let it conquer you. Put these tips to good use and your move should go off without a hitch.

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9 Awesome Reasons to Get a Dog ASAP

When you hear the expression, “A man’s best friend,” what is the first thing you think of? Unless you’ve been living under a rock most of your life, the answer is pretty universal: a dog.

And a lot of other Americans would agree with that sentiment. With about 50% of American households having at least one Fido in their family, a dog seems to be the prime candidate to turn any house into a home.

But why do people love dogs so much? Are there any benefits of having a dog? Keep reading and find out 9 awesome reasons to get a dog ASAP.

Lead a More Active Lifestyle

For the most part, you will not find a better partner to go walking with than a dog. Not only are they always poised and ready to get on that leash, but having a daily routine of taking your dog on a walk is beneficial for both pet and owner alike.

In fact, a recent study found that dog owners had 20 percent higher activity levels than people who did not own dogs. More movement means better cardiovascular health, increased stamina, and an overall healthier body. It’s like having your own furry, friendly personal trainer!

Happier and Improved Mood

Let’s face it: dogs will put a smile on your face. Their antics, happy-go-lucky personality, and silly tail-chasing behavior all help contribute to a positive mood.

Why can we say that? Dogs are happy by default and are always glad to see you. Ask any dog-lover what happens if you step out of the house, even for five minutes. The minute your face appears at the doorway, your dog feels like he’s finally reunited with a long-lost friend.

Wholesome and loyal to a fault, dogs will love you no matter what and always come back for more belly rubs.

Feel More Protected

Dogs are one of those animals with a ‘pack mentality’. Their home and their human family are the borders of their world, and they take the responsibility of protecting that world very seriously.

Although a dog’s vision is moderate, they have a keen sense of hearing and smell. The slightest noise outside, such as an unexpected visitor approaching the door, will put them on high alert. They are quick to notify the household if a stranger is approaching.

This can even make things like taking a walk or going on a car ride feel more secure. Most of the time, even the presence of a dog ensures any unwelcome guest stays away.

Helps Grow Your Social Circle

While very protective, dogs can also help you connect with others. In fact, owning a dog opens you up to a whole new world socially.

Since walking the dog gets you out of the house on a daily basis, there is the chance to connect with neighbors who are outside as well. Most dog owners can vouch for the countless number of times they are stopped by passersby during walks, only to be asked if they would allow them to pet their fur baby.

Not to mention the countless outings, dog parks, and other opportunities to connect with others, many find the social benefits of having a new pet undeniable.

Entertainment for the Kids

While dogs are not toys, if you have children in your home, a dog can fill in certain gaps. Whether racing around in the backyard playing or snuggling together watching movies, dogs are notorious for enhancing anyone’s childhood. A lot of adults’ childhood memories revolve around that special four-legged friend that kept us company.

Company for Seniors

Many senior citizens have to cope with life alone or with far less to do once they reach retirement. Dogs have proven to be the companions they need and have helped fight off loneliness.

Because of this, many retirement centers bring dogs around for visits to improve the mood of their residents. This often contributes to better overall health among their older occupants.

Great Traveling Companions

Dogs just love to go out and be a part of their human families’ lives, and errands or vacations are no exception. You will not find a better car ride buddy than a dog, hands down. And while you obviously can’t bring them everywhere you go, dogs have been known to be great participants in camping trips, beach days (where dogs are allowed), and the like.

Get Ready for Parenting

Although this reason gets a few eyebrows raises at times — this should not be the ONLY reason to take on a pet — it still is worth mentioning. If you don’t have children yet, but would someday like to, a dog will definitely help get you ready for the responsibility involved.

Between maintaining a regular feeding schedule, household training, and other responsibilities, dog owners learn how to develop things like patience, love, and a good routine. These qualities help contribute toward not just being a great parent to your fur baby but also being a successful parent to the Homosapien variety in the future.

Make Your House a Home

No matter if you’re single, married, or apart of a family, owning a dog brings that much-needed aspect to a home. Warm, caring, and loyal, a dog is the kind of pet that can round out your lives and bring a great deal of joy.

Countless More Reasons to Get a Dog

This isn’t an exhaustive list; we could go on and on with many more reasons to get a dog. While they can be a great deal of work and require some patience, dogs can add an aspect to anyone’s life that just makes everything better.

So, in other words, why get a dog? To sum it up, because dogs are just AWESOME.

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These Are the Benefits of Traveling With a Pet

Did you know that 85 million families in the U.S. own a pet? Are you a pet owner who is looking for the benefits of traveling with a pet?

In this article, explore all of these benefits of traveling with your pet companion. Read on to find out more and how this safe travel practice can be beneficial for both you and your pet.

  1. You’re Both Comfortable

You won’t have to worry about placing your pet in a kennel or with someone else. Or, have to worry about pet anxiety. You and your pet will both be comfortable jetting off on your next adventure together.

If you travel by motorhome, that’ll give them a nice and relaxing spot to take naps while you’re on the road. Whether you’re looking to climb in the mountains or swim in various lakes, your pet will be there to experience this with you. You also won’t have to worry about paying a hefty fee to board them in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar location them.

  1. You Can Worry Less

You won’t have to worry about how your pet is doing or miss seeing them. Instead, you can enjoy your trip.

Being away from them for extended periods can cause unnecessary stress for you and them. You can also consider pet transportation in winter.

  1. A Closer Bond

You and your pet will be exploring different places and forming new bonds as you go. After the trip, you might notice that your pet will spend more time with you and feel closer.

  1. Flexibility

Your pet won’t have demands about what to do and avoid as a human traveler might. For example, if you’ll need to cancel a hike because it doesn’t allow your dog, your pet will be happy to check out a different location.

  1. Slow Down

Going on a trip with other humans might mean that you’ll need to take a look at different things while there. A trip with your pet might turn out to be more relaxing because you can stop and take your time in each location not having to rush around to see everything.

  1. Meet Others

Traveling with your pet is a good conversation starter. People love pets and will be more likely to strike up a conversation with you, especially if they’re fellow animal lovers.

Tips on Traveling Safely With Your Pet

If you’re ready to fly, ride in the car, or sail, you’ll want to have all important documents ready before heading off. These documents need to be related to your pet as well, and what you’ll give to a vet in case of an emergency.

Also, if you’re flying, airports require certain paperwork before your pet can fly. You’ll need documents such as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, any medications they’re taking, and medical history. The medical history needs to include allergies and previous vaccinations as well.


You’ll need an ID tag and collar on your pet before traveling. Consider having a microchip if your pet doesn’t have one. This is vital if your pet ever goes missing and a vet’s office can scan for a chip.

Reduce Anxiety

In order to reduce anxiety for your pet, you’ll want to include food, water, exercise, and toys for them. Limit how often they eat and drink during the trip so that they won’t be uncomfortable between bathroom breaks.

Speak with your vet about different calming medications they can take right before going on the trip. See how your pet responds to it and ensure that it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.

Stop for Bathroom Breaks

Ensure that you stop enough throughout the trip for your dog or other pet to stretch their legs out. This will be good for making sure they’re tired and also taking a bathroom break.

Buckle Up

Along with you and fellow passengers, your pet needs to be buckled up as well. Use a carrier or harness that’s secured to your vehicle for their safety.

If your pet is free that can lead to accidents and cause fatal harm to your pet. If they’re not buckled in it can cause them to project out of their seat.

Also, many states require you to buckle up your pet. Some states prohibit drivers from having their pets in the truck bed as well. It can cause distracted driving if you’re holding your pet or letting them stick their head out of the window.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone

When you travel with a pet, never leave them alone in a car. They can freeze in the wintertime or overheat in warmer weather. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, it can be deadly for your pet. If you must stop and there are no other travelers, set a 5-minute timer for yourself to use the restroom and get back to your pet as soon as possible.

Pets on Trains

Did you know that you can take your cat or dog on a train? There are weight restrictions so check with your local train laws for details.

The cost is also low as well to travel with your pet. Keep in mind that there are restrictions for many trains as far as how many pets you can take with you.

Exploring the Benefits of Traveling With a Pet

Now that you’ve explored the benefits of traveling with a pet, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. Looking for more dog content? For everything from pet breeds to care check out our other articles today.

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Gifts

Seeing the excitement and joy on your dog’s face when you hand them a new toy or treat is one of the best experiences of being a dog owner. But buying dog gifts isn’t always as simple as it seems.

If you sometimes get a little stuck trying to work out what gift to get your dog, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do or think about that will make the experience of buying dog gifts better for you and your pet.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a list of four factors to weigh up. Read on to learn more.

  1. Make the Gift Memorable

When buying dog gifts, make them memorable. In some ways, you are buying the gift just as much for you as for your dog. Pick something that your dog will enjoy but that will also create a happy memory for you.

Buying gifts online is convenient and safer during a pandemic, but if you can get into a pet store, you’ll have the memory of searching and finding the perfect gift for your dog, too. There’s something that creates a more lasting memory when the act of gifting is tangible.

  1. Quality Is Key

Don’t buy your dog a gift because of the price. Choose the gift because of its quality. Whether it’s a chew toy, a new bed, or a bag of treats, it’s always best to look for something that will last or is made of the best ingredients.

Giving your four-legged friend a new gift is even more pleasing to them and you if it won’t fall apart in a few moments. Read reviews online or ask someone in the store for their opinion about the options you are considering.

As an example of quality when buying dog gifts, check this out. This list of English Bulldogs gifts is full of quality ideas.

  1. Know Your Dog

Even though your dog won’t know that you just gave her a special gift, it’s still about making sure they are happy with it. So, study your dog. What does he like most that he already has?

What kind of treats does she prefer? Do they go crazy about rope pulling or is it a squeaky toy that gets them excited?

You almost certainly already have this information in your head. Make a shortlist of the things that you know your dog loves. That way, you can find a gift that matches up perfectly.

  1. Let Your Dog Choose

If you can visit your local pet store, take your dog with you. Buying dog gifts in a store with your dog is the best way.

Lead your dog around the store showing them the kinds of toys or treats you might buy. They might sniff one more than another one or be more interested in something. This reaction from your dog could give you the tip you need to choose the perfect gift.

Buying Dog Gifts Should Create Memories for You and Happiness for Them

Use these simple tips and guides when buying dog gifts. You want the special new toy or treat to create a happy memory for you when you see your dog take it for the first time. You also, of course, want your dog to be happy with the gift.

Know your dog. Make sure the gift is of high quality. Let your dog be your guide.

We love dogs just as much as you do, so check out our blog for more great ideas and articles.

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8 Signs That a Presa Canario Puppy is the Perfect Dog For You

If you’re looking to join the 63.4 million American households that own a dog, you’re making a great decision. These animals have been bred to be man’s best friend, so their lifestyles perfectly coincide with most humans’.

Choosing the right breed, however, is still an important and complicated endeavor. Luckily, a Presa Canario puppy is a great choice for most people and households, so the search may be over! Read on to learn more about this awesome working breed to discover whether or not these pups are right for you.

  1. You’re More Introverted

Preso Canario dogs are a fairly calm breed. In contrast with many other larger breeds of dogs, they are pretty quiet and don’t bark very often. While they do have loud voices as a result of their size, they won’t bark unless they’re trying to defend you or their home against what they perceive as a threat.

These dogs are confident and calm, but they are still a working breed. However, when exercised properly, they will sleep while at home and be affectionate and adorable in a low-maintenance way.

  1. You Prefer Large Breeds

Preso Canarios are fairly large working dogs. They reach an average height of 21-25 inches and are about 75-100 lbs.

If you want a dog that will take up space both in your home and in your heart, you’re making the right choice when you choose a Preso Canario. They’re cute when they’re puppies, but they’re also adorable when they grow to their full height. After all, adulthood doesn’t make them any less loving!

  1. You Like to Exercise

Despite their generally low-maintenance needs, Preso Canarios need to be exercised frequently. Since they’re bred as working dogs, they become destructive when they do not have their exercise needs met. This means taking a long walk or jog at least once a day.

You also may want to give your new puppy tasks to complete throughout the day. This can be as simple as a game of fetch. You can also let your dog have unfettered access to a fenced-in backyard with many toys in it that they can ‘herd.’

  1. You Don’t Want to Groom Extensively

Unlike poodles and other small dogs, Preso Canarios have extremely low grooming needs. They have a short coat, which means that no styling will be necessary. You only need to bathe them about once a month.

You can also brush or comb out their coat weekly if you think that your dog has become a bit dirty. They are really calm and do not mind being groomed, but it is unnecessary to do it too often.

  1. You Live in a Warm Climate

Because Preso Canarios have such thin coats, they aren’t well suited to cold climates. This makes them the ideal dog for those who live in more temperate states or those that have nice weather year-round.

Of course, you can always adopt any dog from your local shelter and give them a home. However, if you’re going to a breeder, you may only want to consider Preso Canarios if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of snow or ice. Otherwise, your dog will become very uncomfortable when they need to go outside in the cold!

  1. You Want a Purebred Puppy

Many people value having purebred dogs when looking for a new addition to their family. Presa Canarios are a breed that often is bred specifically for those that want them. If you want to adopt an infant puppy, this is a great pah for you and your family.

You can find more information about breeding Preso Canario puppies on La Nobleza kennel’s website. Here, you can not only have dogs bred to suit your needs, but you can also choose pre-existing dogs from other litters that need a home.

  1. You Have Adequate Funds

In addition to the high adoption fees that come with purebred dogs, Preso Canarios are known for having more health issues than other dogs. Unfortunately, they only have an average lifespan of 9-11 years, but during this timeframe, they will become part of your heart and give you memories to last a lifetime.

Still, you will need money in case your dog develops the health issues characteristic of their breed. They often develop heart and lung problems later in life. They also are at high risk for hip and elbow dysplasia as well as epilepsy, so be vigilant and on the look for problems that may arise.

  1. You Have an Open Heart

Adopting a dog requires you to have an open home and an open heart. You’re not just getting a pet- you’re getting a new family member that you and others in your household will grow to love dearly.

Make sure that you’re ready to be knocked over by a lot of love before adopting any dog. It’s an amazingly beautiful thing that you need to be prepared for.

So, Is a Presa Canario Puppy Right for You?

The answer, for most people, is an absolute ‘yes.’ These animals are friendly, fun, and loving, which makes them the perfect addition to any family.

Now that you know whether or not you should get a Presa Canario puppy, it’s time to learn more about pet ownership. Check out the ‘pet care’ section of our home page for more information on how to properly care for your furry friend. You can also read articles on our website about making sure that you have the right puppy accessories before bringing your new family member home.

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Signs Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Dogs can experience stress just like humans. And while the causes may be slightly different, the symptoms and the negative health outcomes can be the same.

If you’re worried about your pet’s anxiety, there are things you should be on the lookout for. That way, you can help soothe them or get them medical attention if needed.

Read below to learn the signs your dog is stressed out.

  1. Unusual Changes to Eyes and Ears

A stressed animal may have physical signs of their anxiety, like dilated pupils or rapid blinking.

You may also notice that their ears change position from relaxed to pulled closer to the head. This shows that they are at a heightened level emotionally and could be experiencing stress.

  1. Isolation

If a dog is isolating himself, it could be a sign that he wants to be left alone or that he stressed. Usually, a dog can work through this on his own and it could be a sign that he was temporarily frightened or spooked by a sudden movement or loud noise.

Rescue dogs may also take some time to adjust to having people around all the time.

If you notice signs of separation, give the dog a little bit of time to adjust. If the behavior continues, consider consulting a professional.

You don’t want your dog to experience chronic stress for these reasons.

  1. Increased Shedding

Most breeds of dogs have some shedding. But if you notice that your dog’s shedding has gotten out of control, think about potential stress triggers that the dog could be experiencing.

If you have been away from home a lot or have construction at the house it could create an unusual environment that makes the dog feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

  1. Licking and Yawning

Much like shedding, a dog licking its nose or yawning may not seem out of the ordinary. But did you know that these are also signs of stress?

You might notice that a dog is drooling or licking its nose when you are about to give it a treat. This is a harmless short term version of stress as they await food. But if you notice the same behavior happening more frequently, your pup might be dealing with stress.

When a dog yawns it could be a sign of sleepiness but it could also be a stress yawn. If you see the yawn along with any of the other signs on this list, it’s probably from stress.

  1. Panting

If your dog is panting for no reason it could be stress-induced. It’s very similar to when humans experience stress and they are short of breath.

If the panting continues and is irregular with their behavior, call your vet for more information.

How to Use the Signs Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Now that you know the signs your dog is stressed out, how can you use that to help your furry friend?

The key is to keep their environment as normal and stress-free as possible. Keep them on a regular exercise and diet routine and avoid leaving them home alone for long periods of time.

If you think the issue may be more serious or that your dog has a health problem, contact your vet and arrange an appointment.

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