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Long-Haired Dogs Should Be Regularly Groomed


If your dog has long hair, you need to have it regularly groomed to keep the hair from matting. You also need regular grooming services to make sure a dog’s hair is styled and maintained correctly. Whether you have a Shih Tzu or a Poodle, professional grooming should be a part of your dog’s overall care.

What to Expect

The following details will give you a better idea of what to expect when the best dog grooming services in Plymouth are scheduled and performed.

  • Dogs that are groomed are scheduled for appointments that span about six to eight weeks apart.
  • A full groom usually takes about three hours on a small dog.
  • If a dog is not used to being groomed, it can take longer to groom him.

Also, most groomers advise owners to stay out of the area where the grooming takes place. This is done for safety reasons. For example, if your dog is having its nails trimmed, the groomer needs the dog’s full attention. She or he also needs to devote full attention to the process.

Taking in a Dog for Its First Groom

The first groom may take place at six months to a year. However, to get a dog used to a grooming salon, you may want to introduce it to the space after it receives all of its vaccinations. If your dog has matts, a groomer will usually not remove them, as it goes against the regulations provided in the Animal Welfare Act. However, small tangles and knots can be removed.

Pet Adoption

Know These 6 Biggest Myths Of Dog Adoption

Many pet lovers opt to buy pets instead of adopting them from an animal shelter. There are various reasons for this; from fear of ticks to not wanting to risk having a dog that dies too soon. Though these assumptions come from a reasonable idea, they are mostly misconceptions that need to be corrected.

Here are some myths and misconceptions that explain why many would hesitate to adopt shelter dogs:

They have behavior problems.

In the past, a lot of people would often hesitate to adopt because they often thought the animals from the shelter are abused by their previous owners, so they have higher tendency to bite and hurt people.

Many believe that abused animals are not fit to be companions as they have issues to address themselves. What they don’t know is that these animals are actually rehabilitated. They often bounce back after the rehabilitation, and that’s when they are lined for adoption.

They have a health problem.

This misconception is prompted because most dogs that are brought to the shelter are often sick, and often neglected by their previous owners. Animals from the shelter are, in fact, often sent to clinics like the Professional North Shore vet clinic before they are sent for adoption. These animals undergo dog flea and treatment combined with vaccine shots for distemper anti-rabies and more.

They are not purebred.

Some people think that a dog’s breed plays a vital role in disciplining him. Despite popular belief, you can actually see a lot of purebred dogs that are sheltered. These dogs are mostly abused or let go because the owner can’t take the expenses anymore.

There are never puppies available.

It has been found that many prefer to have puppies instead of a full-grown dog. In the shelters, you can see dogs of all ages. There are even times when they would rescue pregnant dogs that are abandoned in the streets.

The adaptability and discipline of shelter dogs are pretty much the same with the dogs being bought in the store. It often depends on how you train them.

Adoption is expensive.

This myth is one of the reasons why many people would opt to buy a dog. However, the fee is not really expensive. It is cheaper compared to the price that you have to pay when buying one. You have to pay for registration as well as the vaccines that the dog you are adopting need. The process is easy. You don’t have to wait for long as long as you meet the shelter’s criteria.

There’s a little information from dog’s history.

A dog’s history may or may not matter. If you have a good background as a pet owner, you’ll know that it’s not about what happened to the dog in the past, but how you treat it in the present. Shelters can give you all the information that matters in raising a dog, health information for instance.

Shelter dogs can as amazing pets as the ones that you can buy from the store. Dogs, rescued dogs or pet store bought, can be nurtured if you give them love and affection. There is little doubt that these dogs will be a perfect companion for you and your family.