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3 Reasons to Get a Dog

Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for no reason. They love you unconditionally, and they are there for you when you need them the most. There are countless justifications for getting one, so here are just a few to consider.

1. Protection

If you are not fond of firearms, a dog might be the next best option for securing your house. You can also be more confident when you are out walking if your beast is right there with you. Not all of these four-legged creatures are suited to be bodyguards, so here are the best breeds that suit these purposes:

  • Bullmastiff
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • German Shepherd
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Akita
  • Giant Schnauzer

All of these examples have lineages dedicated to defending themselves and their families. Just make sure to enroll them in canine training Topeka KS so that they don’t attack anyone indiscriminately. With the proper exercises, they will fulfill their roles well.

2. Companionship

Dogs are known for their loyalty. There was even an instance where one traveled more than 2,500 miles to reunite with his human family after accidentally getting separated. These living souls provide endless entertainment, as you can tell by some of them gaining millions of followers on social media. You will always have someone to cuddle with at night and greet you in the morning.

3. Health

It may not have occurred to you but owning a canine can actually give you health benefits. Owners have been known to have lower rates of heart disease. Many varieties love to run and play, so you can exercise along with them. This will keep you both in shape. Incredibly, there have been cases where they sniffed cancerous cells in their human companions and saved their lives in the process.

Although there are no true hypoallergenic dogs, there are some that may be less triggering. The Bichon Frise and Maltese are fine examples.

Although dogs can be time-consuming and expensive, they are often well worth the trouble. They can literally keep you alive.

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What your Pets Skin Issues Might Indicate

When you notice that your dog or cat scratches itself constantly, you may wonder what is causing this behavior. Veterinarians specializing in pet dermatology Crockett VA might diagnose and treat skin conditions due to the following issues.


Fleas are a classic concern for dogs and cats that requires your urgent attention. If you notice that your pet is constantly scratching, perform a full-body examination for fleas. If your suspicions are correct, a flea collar or medicine could solve the problem.

Food Allergies

If your pet suddenly develops rashes and starts scratching uncontrollably, its food may be the cause. Check all food and treats for ingredients that could potentially cause skin allergies. If you can not find the culprit, experiment with feeding something different to see if it eases the discomfort.

Hay Fever

Allergies are expected during the Spring and Fall seasons when dogs and cats spend more time outdoors. Pets may be allergic to pollen or other irritants that occur naturally in their outdoor environment. Keeping your pet well-groomed and clean will help prevent much of the discomfort of seasonal allergies.


Some breeds of dogs or cats are known for their sensitive skin. If your pet routinely develops skin inflammation and itching, avoid grooming products with harsh chemicals and fragrances to minimize potential reactions.

Hormone Imbalance

Various medical conditions, including autoimmune disorders, can disrupt the body’s production of hormones, including those produced by the thyroid and adrenal glands. Some hormone-related diseases, including hypothyroidism, target your pet’s skin, leaving it dry, spotty or itchy.

Vaccine Reactions

Just as people can experience side effects from vaccinations, your dog or cat can also be prone to them. Common reactions to vaccines can include skin irritations that lead to itching. Most of these side effects are temporary and usually go away on their own.

A sudden change to your pet’s skin usually indicates an issue that you and your veterinarian need to address promptly.

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What You Should Know About Boarding Your Horse

If you have a pet horse, it is possible you may need to board them at some point in their lives. Perhaps you are going on vacation or maybe you no longer own the space necessary to keep them on your property. Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind about boarding your horse.

Make Sure the Stable Is Insured

This is important, since you want to have your horse protected in case of accidents or problems. While it is helpful to carry Horse Insurance as an owner, stables should have some kind of coverage for themselves. Avoid any kind of business that doesn’t have it, since they might not have the safety and protection for both boarders and workers in mind.

Take a Tour First

Touring the facility allows you to see how other horses are treated, and what kind of life you can expect for your pet while it is there. Make sure they have plenty of opportunities to exercise and get attention from volunteers or staff. Find out when you can visit your pet, how medical emergencies are handled, and so on. You’ll get a chance to meet the owners and those who work there, and you can make a better-informed decision for your horse.

Find Out About the Cost

While the cost of boarding might seem obvious, it’s necessary to get a breakdown of how much you are paying week-by-week. You can figure out if you would rather have your horse stall or pasture boarded, and what is included in your boarding cost. Knowing what you are paying for and what is covered can help you make the right decision for your horse.

If you own a horse, you might have to board them at some point. Make sure the facility is insured and take a tour before agreeing to anything. Find out how much it costs, so you can feel informed and safe about where you are keeping your pet.

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Caring for Your Senior Dog

Having a pet is a long-term commitment that requires lots of care and responsibility for years to come. Dogs have unique needs at different phases in their life so it’s important to make a plan when they start the transition into their senior years. These tips can help you ensure you’re giving your furry friend the best care as they start to age.

Keep Them Healthy

Talk with your vet about Houston TX pet care and what your dog may need according to their age, history and breed. You may need to adjust their diet based on their risks for certain diseases. Also, as they become less active, it may be helpful to switch to a food that helps prevent unnecessary weight gain. Wellness checkups will likely be bumped up to twice a year so your vet can keep an eye out for any changes or issues.

Keep Them Happy

Although your dog may not be as fast and energetic as they once were, dogs of all ages still need exercise and plenty of play to keep them happy while engaging their brains. Even a gentle, slow-paced walk can do wonders to maintain weight, prevent stiff joints and boost your little buddy’s mood.

Keep Them Comfortable

As dogs age, they may need more gentle support as they’re more prone to arthritis and joint inflammation at this stage. Consider an extra supportive dog bed to cushion their body and try to avoid too many trips up and down the stairs. A health supplement can also help minimize inflammation and keep their joints well lubricated. If your dog appears to be in pain, talk to your vet about the options available to help them feel more comfortable.

Dogs can provide comfort, companionship and fun no matter what their age. Be sure to give your older dog the extra attention they need to stay healthy and happy during their senior years.

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Choosing the Best Breed of German shepherd Puppy as a Pet

The German Shepherds are considered as a new dog breed is having an origin that can be traced back to 1899. Though it is a new breed, it is one of the most popular types of dog breeds that people like to keep at home. In the U.S.A, this dog breed ranked the second most popular breed in 2016. This dog breed has lots of talents and features that make them ideal for older adults who are lonely and these breeds give them the best companionship. 

This dog is fun and friendly and can easily adjust to the older adults who live alone or live with other elders or their young grandchildren. It is a great dog for those who are looking for several years of companionship. If you are looking for German shepherds for sale, you should choose breeders who are reliable and take care of the puppies from the beginning. Providing the best training to these puppies from a very early age is also important. 

One such home for shepherd puppies is AKC German Shepherds Home, a temporary home for the puppies of German Shepherds, and then they are sold to the respective buyers as a pet. Here, the puppies are raised with care and love and ensure that the best quality of training is given to them from the beginning. 

Though AKC German Shepherds Home is a family-owned business, the puppies are mainly brought from various parts of Germany, Canada, and North America. 

How the Purchasing Process Happens

To start with the buying process, you should first learn and accept that you are welcoming a fur baby into your home, and you should have open hearts to love the puppy-like child. The buying process is simple and clear, and once the puppy gets selected, some of the vital steps that are followed are-

  1. Vaccination
  2. Registration
  3. Pre-flight checks
  4. Shipping

It is clear that, once you choose the puppy that you want to buy, the seller first vaccinate the puppy to make it free from all sorts of diseases and protect a protective shield from further health issues. Then the puppy is registered, pre-flight checks are made for ensuring easy and smooth transportation and shipping is made. 

Why You Should Choose AKC German Shepherds Home 

Though various organizations raise German shepherd puppies, AKC German Shepherds Home is considered the best one due to some vital reasons-

  • Socialized And Handled With Care

The puppies here are taken care of from birth, and they are handled, socialized and trained with the utmost affection. They are handled daily from an early age; the muzzles are moved up and down, the mouth is opened, and they are being held back in the air and made socialize. 

  • They Are Raised As A Family

Here in this home, these puppies are raised as a family, providing them with utmost care and affection so that they easily get accustomed to a new home. The first week of their birth is crucial, and the team notices every step of the dog and provides what they need. They are made to socialize by playing with other old dogs and children. 

If you are looking for German shepherd puppies or larger dogs, choosing the best breed is crucial. 

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Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dogs offer unconditional love. They are devoted companions and endless sources of entertainment. Owning a dog is also incredibly beneficial for your mental, physical and social health. Before learning how you can adopt a puppy Elverta CA, consider the following benefits.

Mental Health Benefits

Even petting a dog for 10 minutes can significantly improve your mental health. Due to their desire to be with you, dogs make you feel less alone. They provide emotional support and attention. They also reduce your stress and anxiety.

Dogs help reduce PTSD symptoms and improve coping skills after a crisis. Dogs also make people happy. Looking a dog in the eye reduces oxytocin, the love hormone. Being around a dog reduces your likelihood of suffering from depression.

Physical Health Benefits

Pet owners have to play with and walk their dogs, keeping pet owners active. Most dog owners walk their dogs for more than two hours each week. This activity helps their owners maintain and even improve their mobility. People who walk dogs have lower BMIs and fewer limitations. They also go to the doctor less than nondog owners.

Dogs help to lower your overall risk of death. For example, dog owners typically have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improving heart health.

Even dog owners with preexisting conditions or previous coronary events lived longer than those without dogs. Dogs can also smell illness, such as cancer and blood sugar levels.

Dogs also have a positive effect on cognitive function, especially those with mental illness.

Social Health

Dog owners spend time outside and in social situations because they have to walk their pets. People feel more comfortable approaching and starting conversations with pet owners. In addition, these pets improve the attractiveness and likeability of their owners.

Studies also found that individuals with dementia were less agitated and had improved social interactions when they were around dogs.

If you want to improve your long-term health and wellbeing, consider adopting a puppy.

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A Short Guide to South African Mastiff Dog Breed

Getting a pet is not a simple endeavor, especially since you can choose a wide array of breeds. Everything depends on your preferences, family requirements, the size of your backyard, whether you live in an apartment or household, and many more.

The worst thing you can do is have a large dog that requires plenty of space and exercise in a small condominium. Therefore, you should choose based on your needs, stop thinking just about yourself, and learn whether a dog will be happy in your surroundings and lifestyle.

The world around us spins fast, especially if you live in a city, so you should be ready to add a new family member. Having a dog is not just about appearance and protection; it is about dedication and love you can give.

Numerous studies have shown that every single breed can be aggressive if you avoid dedicating yourself. Simultaneously, if you use aggressiveness towards a dog, frustration may arise that will affect a situation and lead to severe consequences.

Instead of getting a dog just for show-off, you should get a breed you can care about, or you should avoid taking it altogether. The same thing works for the South African Mastiff or Elite Boerboels, one of the world’s most powerful and largest breeds.

Some reports have stated that it can exert approximately four-hundred and fifty pounds of pressure when it bites, which is something you should know before you make up your mind.

That does not mean they are aggressive, primarily if you conduct proper training and socialization while being a pack leader that will set boundaries from an early age.

Of course, similarly to any other breed, this particular one can become problematic, which is why recommendations state that only experienced owners should have them.

South African Mastiffs are good with children, simple to train, intelligent, and can protect their families, which is an essential thing to remember.

What is Boerboel or South African Mastiff?

Boerboel or South African Mastiff was a guardian dog used for other activities such as hunting wild animals. One of the initially bred dog breeds is the Boerbull, to defend farmers’ households and lands.

It is challenging to determine its descendants, but some historical perspectives state that German, Dutch, or Huguenot settlers brought guardian dogs to South Africa. At the same time, they interbred these dogs, and after a while, we got the Boerboel dog.

Remember that AKC (the American Kennel Club) recently added this particular breed in 2015. Even though people used them as protectors and guardians, they are also great family pets.

Most people think of them as low-energy dogs that are extremely lazy in household conditions, which is true.

By clicking here, you will be able to learn more about this particular topic.

Things to Know About Boerboels

Dog Breed

Since they have been guardians from the very beginning, you should know that they could easily connect with their family and other people. Remember that they are highly loyal, which means that they will protect their homes and families.

One of the most exciting things about them is that they can do it with confidence and calm since they come with a stable and almost laid-back temperament that is one reason for general popularity.

However, it is vital to understand that they do not tolerate being left alone in the household, which is why you should train them properly to prevent separation anxiety.

We have mentioned above about their bite or grip power, which means that anxiety can lead to the severe devastation of your home.

Therefore, it is vital to avoid keeping it alone in the household and asking someone you know or a dog sitter to reach your home while you are away.

The best thing about them is the intelligence, which allows them to learn numerous things you wish to teach them. Of course, you need to start socializing them early and challenge them mentally and physically.

By ensuring they undergo new experiences, places, and people, you should prevent potential aggression in the future.

We recommend you to visit this link: to understand more about this particular breed. 

Remember that boredom will lead them to occupy themselves in ways you may not prefer, which is why you should stimulate them properly to avoid potential issues.

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How To Choose The Proper Bed To Help Your French Bulldog Sleep

Having a dog at home is like taking care of a child or a family member because you need to provide for his essential needs. You need to feed him the right food, have a walk in the neighborhood or park, groom him regularly, and make sure to give him a comfortable bed. Some breeds should be kept in a cage because of their aggressive behavior and are not sociable.

However, a lot of dogs like cuddling or playing so they get along with the other pets and human beings as well. The fun they bring to the members of the family and individuals, who live alone, is incomparable, especially when they have built a connection. One of the favorite breeds that you can find even with celebrities is the French bulldogs. Like other pet dogs, we have to provide them their needs such as food, vitamins, and a nice bed too. You can check sites such as to know your pet’s bedding options.

You might be asking why a French bulldog when you can adopt a Shi Tzu, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, or Poodle. Well, we all have preferences and it does not matter what type it is as long as you are willing to take care of this pet and provide his needs. Now, if this new member of the house will stay indoors, then you need to get him space so that he can sleep comfortably.

French Bulldog

This is a small breed of dogs with huge bat ears which is their trademark and they can grow up to 13 inches tall. This Frenchie resembles a miniature bulldog with a muscular coat, a big square-shaped head, a heavily wrinkled face, and the nose is quite shorty. They are usually playful but alert and can easily adapt to different environments that make them irresistible cuties.

They may have a charm that you had been looking for because they are a great companion. You won’t hear too much barking from them since they are a quiet type but that won’t stop them from being alert and good watchdogs. Now, if the owner doesn’t like staying outdoors for a walk, then you don’t have to worry because this Frenchie won’t require ample time to do exercises outdoors – this site will tell you more about caring for this pet.

So, who will not like having such a charming French pet at home when you know that it won’t harm your kids and won’t be a burden to your daily routines? I guess all you need to do now is to prepare his bed and welcome him to his new home. In this way, he will feel that he is accepted and would be receiving lots of love.


You should know that your Frenchie must also have enough time to sleep to stay healthy and this will only happen if you will provide him the right one. Keep in mind that your bulldog may get sick without sufficient rest because they are always actively running or playing around so make sure he can maintain his energy level. By the way, the bedstead will give you less time to clean the floor or mat because of the fur so it is still better to have a bed of his own.

Do not forget that animals also need to maintain the heat or temperature of their body so it would be great to give them an insulated one to keep them warm at night or during the winter. You will surely buy him a suit to protect that from cold weather but it is still best to let them lie on the bed and not on the floor so they won’t get ill. They may also experience joint paints or arthritis, especially when they get older, and using a comfortable space will help them relieve joint and muscle issues.

Your pet may also experience stress or separation anxiety when the owner leaves them and that would be hard for them to understand that’s why they always wait. You should know that having a place to sleep will help him decrease the level of stress or anxiety because they feel the comfort and safety on their bed. Your French bulldog may feel like he is abandoned and as owners, you should minimize those negative emotions.

Things to Consider

It has to be durable and easy to wash because you need to maintain the cleanliness of his bed to keep him away from germs or bacteria. Make sure that the material used is soft and polycotton, when he sheds a lot, chew-proof since some of them likes chewing, and made of memory foam or bead for the thick pad when he is quite heavy.

You don’t need to be choosy when it comes to the design but you will have a lot of options and this will depend on your personal preferences, anyway. The one you will choose will also depend on your budget and a more complicated design is surely pricier. You may focus more on his sleeping habit and position because this piece should be able to accommodate them no matter how they sleep.

Do not forget to know the weight and height of your pet and your French bulldog may weigh about 16 pounds, then about 11 inches tall. This information is necessary for finding the right size of the bed. Now, for older pets or those with health conditions make sure to get them the appropriate type because they need more care and so that they can sleep or rest well.

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Yorkies terrier – Full Profile, History, and Care

These naughty little ones can live in urban flats or in a chalet on the outskirts of the city. They are affectionate with the family and even jealous if other dogs or cats steal their daily portion of cuddling.

But don’t worry, as inside the home they don’t look for difficulties. Of course, outside … that is something else! In this guide, discover more details about the intense temperament and characteristics of the glamorous Yorkies terrier.

The Yorkies terrier breed and its humble origin:

Although the Yorkies terrier is one of the most flirtatious breeds today, its appearance in the 19th century in Britain was not overly glamorous. And it was used to hunt rats! Being an inexpensive dog, the poorest families used the Yorkies terrier breed to kill these dirty rodents. Later the bourgeois class adopted him and the Yorkies terrier became the “posh” dog we know today.

The small size of the Yorkshire terrier belies its true personality, which is energetic, lively and dominant. Yorkshire terriers are affectionate, but they also demand a lot of attention; this breed is a good choice for someone who wants to spoil a dog.

Yorkshire terriers make excellent watchdogs. But they can show a temper with other children if they don’t treat them with respect or kindness. Some can be aggressive towards other small animals, although there are Yorkshire terriers that live quite peacefully with other dogs and even cats.

Yorkshire terriers can be barkers, although they can be trained not to bark excessively. Some may be stubborn when it comes to toilet training.

This is the temperament of a Yorkies terrier

Affectionate with their own, the specimens of this breed will soon win the sympathy of the members of the household. If you ignore them, they will show their anger through destructive behavior. They are not very tolerant of childish antics and due to their small size they can be easily hurt.

They also do not like to be isolated in the yard or to be home alone for a long time. For these dogs it is essential to be able to interact with human beings and feel that we care about them. However, you should not be too overprotective, because in that case they could become fearful or neurotic.

What care does a Yorkies terrier need?

The specimens of this breed are adapted to any type of home, although their exercise needs should not be neglected. Inside the home they are quite active, as they like to play and check that everything is in order.

If you have a garden, they will be happy to share a play session with you several times a week. Renew them from time to time so that they do not eat any component that could choke.

Ah! And you must be very careful during outings. Although they are small, Yorkies Terriers are believed to be the size of a Great Dane. A good idea is to always wear them with a long strap that allows you to control their movements without taking away their freedom.

On the other hand, the Yorkies terrier breed has a long life expectancy and if you take care of it as it deserves, you will have a great friend for at least 15 years. It is a fragile dog so be careful not to hurt it! It can suffer spinal problems or dislocation of the patella.

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Which Dog Breed Is Right for You?

Are you ready to add to the family? A four-legged friend is often a welcome selection, bringing a bit of extra love and joy. Just like families are not all alike, not all breeds are the same. Temperaments and interests vary, so it’s essential to research animals before picking one out. Look into pure breeds to know a bit of what you’re getting. A bit of leg work at the beginning may make the transition easier for everyone. Here are four questions to consider.

Do You Have Kids?

Some dogs are gentler than others and deal better with tiny hands and toddler tantrums. When little ones are present, dogs demand patience and awareness. Select breeds that are easy to train and show a great deal of affection. Boxers, beagles, terriers and spaniels are just a few that may work for the home.

Do You Have Medical Conditions?

While it may seem like allergies would knock out dogs altogether, that isn’t always the truth. Many people are allergic to dog hair, so a significant consideration here would be shedding. Read up on dogs that don’t shed a great deal or require grooming often. The following is a list of dogs that are considered easier for allergy sufferers:

  • Chinese Crested
  • Hairless Terriers
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Maltese

 Keep in mind that hair may still fall. Invest in a good vacuum as well.

Do You Like to Workout?

Dogs should match their owners’ personalities. Someone very active tends to enjoy a furry friend who likes to keep busy. Enjoy walks together and playtime at the park. Champion breed german shepherd puppies are one example of a playful pup who loves to stay occupied. If you’re not interested in going for long walks, consider a basset hound or poodle.

Spend weeks, if not months researching dog breed backgrounds. This investment may pay off for you and your new little one by guiding you to find the right breed.