How To Choose The Proper Bed To Help Your French Bulldog Sleep

Having a dog at home is like taking care of a child or a family member because you need to provide for his essential needs. You need to feed him the right food, have a walk in the neighborhood or park, groom him regularly, and make sure to give him a comfortable bed. Some breeds should be kept in a cage because of their aggressive behavior and are not sociable.

However, a lot of dogs like cuddling or playing so they get along with the other pets and human beings as well. The fun they bring to the members of the family and individuals, who live alone, is incomparable, especially when they have built a connection. One of the favorite breeds that you can find even with celebrities is the French bulldogs. Like other pet dogs, we have to provide them their needs such as food, vitamins, and a nice bed too. You can check sites such as to know your pet’s bedding options.

You might be asking why a French bulldog when you can adopt a Shi Tzu, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, or Poodle. Well, we all have preferences and it does not matter what type it is as long as you are willing to take care of this pet and provide his needs. Now, if this new member of the house will stay indoors, then you need to get him space so that he can sleep comfortably.

French Bulldog

This is a small breed of dogs with huge bat ears which is their trademark and they can grow up to 13 inches tall. This Frenchie resembles a miniature bulldog with a muscular coat, a big square-shaped head, a heavily wrinkled face, and the nose is quite shorty. They are usually playful but alert and can easily adapt to different environments that make them irresistible cuties.

They may have a charm that you had been looking for because they are a great companion. You won’t hear too much barking from them since they are a quiet type but that won’t stop them from being alert and good watchdogs. Now, if the owner doesn’t like staying outdoors for a walk, then you don’t have to worry because this Frenchie won’t require ample time to do exercises outdoors – this site will tell you more about caring for this pet.

So, who will not like having such a charming French pet at home when you know that it won’t harm your kids and won’t be a burden to your daily routines? I guess all you need to do now is to prepare his bed and welcome him to his new home. In this way, he will feel that he is accepted and would be receiving lots of love.


You should know that your Frenchie must also have enough time to sleep to stay healthy and this will only happen if you will provide him the right one. Keep in mind that your bulldog may get sick without sufficient rest because they are always actively running or playing around so make sure he can maintain his energy level. By the way, the bedstead will give you less time to clean the floor or mat because of the fur so it is still better to have a bed of his own.

Do not forget that animals also need to maintain the heat or temperature of their body so it would be great to give them an insulated one to keep them warm at night or during the winter. You will surely buy him a suit to protect that from cold weather but it is still best to let them lie on the bed and not on the floor so they won’t get ill. They may also experience joint paints or arthritis, especially when they get older, and using a comfortable space will help them relieve joint and muscle issues.

Your pet may also experience stress or separation anxiety when the owner leaves them and that would be hard for them to understand that’s why they always wait. You should know that having a place to sleep will help him decrease the level of stress or anxiety because they feel the comfort and safety on their bed. Your French bulldog may feel like he is abandoned and as owners, you should minimize those negative emotions.

Things to Consider

It has to be durable and easy to wash because you need to maintain the cleanliness of his bed to keep him away from germs or bacteria. Make sure that the material used is soft and polycotton, when he sheds a lot, chew-proof since some of them likes chewing, and made of memory foam or bead for the thick pad when he is quite heavy.

You don’t need to be choosy when it comes to the design but you will have a lot of options and this will depend on your personal preferences, anyway. The one you will choose will also depend on your budget and a more complicated design is surely pricier. You may focus more on his sleeping habit and position because this piece should be able to accommodate them no matter how they sleep.

Do not forget to know the weight and height of your pet and your French bulldog may weigh about 16 pounds, then about 11 inches tall. This information is necessary for finding the right size of the bed. Now, for older pets or those with health conditions make sure to get them the appropriate type because they need more care and so that they can sleep or rest well.

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