Pots for Pooch: How CBD Edibles Calm Your Anxious Dogs

As our best friends, dogs deserve the love, attention, and care that we give to our loved ones. And one of the conditions that need our help is when they experience stress and anxiety. Thanks to the production of CBD oil for dogs and pets, you can now have an alternative treatment to calm your pooches when they are in the grip of anxiety.

Dogs and Anxiety

Like humans, dogs also experience ill feelings when something unpleasant happens to them. Aside from sadness and irritation, which you can quickly notice, your furry friend can also suffer from anxiety. They also feel stressed and fear, especially when they are separated from you for some time.

Separation anxiety in our favorite four-legged pets is common. Nearly 17% of the entire dog population has this unfortunate condition. Dogs can also feel anxious when they experienced mental and physical abuse, much like PTSD in humans. They can also suffer from anxiety when they are with strangers and unfamiliar animals. Oldies can even feel stressed and anxious because of their Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (or CDS), a condition that impacts a dog’s memory, learning, and awareness.

You can know that your pet experienced anxiety if they show some of these signs:

  • Pacing around
  • Panting
  • Fidgeting
  • Trembling
  • Whining or whimpering
  • Barking for no obvious reason
  • Aggression
  • Loss of Appetite

CBD Edibles for Dogs with Anxiety

Cannabidiol can soothe the mind and body of dogs like humans. Like us, they also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates their mood, emotions, and bodily functions. CBD can interact with ECS receptors to calm down the stress caused by various factors.

But while pure CBD oil is more potent, feeding it to your furry friends you may be difficult. So, you may need to use cannabidiol-infused edibles to do the trick. They come in different forms like biscuits and crackers that can make them munch without realizing they are already ingesting CBD. You can also buy CBD beverages for pets.

Not All Cannabidiol Products are Equal

You need to consult your vet when buying CBD treats for your pets. Selecting the proper CBD product for your furry friend can be tricky. Make sure you only purchase from reputable CBD stores that guarantee the quality of ingredients in their products. Double-check if the edible contains THC, a compound from cannabis that can make your furry friends stoned. THC can be extremely harmful to your sensitive pets as some studies suggest.

Anxiety can strike anyone including dogs. Thanks to CBD edibles for pets, your pet can feel less anxious and have more fun.

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