Understand The Anatomy Of Dogs To Feed Them In A Better Way

We have often seen dogs eating grass which led to the advent to a question- is a dog carnivore or omnivore? This question often confuses the dog owners into believing that their pets can be fed with vegetative matter, apart from the usual food. There has been controversy over this issue. The information is considered to be quite important for the dog owners as it would help them to feed their dog properly.

We should remember that the anatomy of a dog is totally different from that of a human. What is nutritious and beneficial for us might not be the same for the dogs. Simply considering the fact that dogs are omnivores should not be alone to decide the diet of your pet. Let’s take a look at the canine anatomy to have a better understanding about feeding your pet.

Anatomy of the Canines

The canine anatomy has two important features which definitely speak for their carnivorous nature. The features are as follows:

  • The dental features of the canines are the most prominent factor. The teeth of canines are made to grab, tear and shear the meat of its prey.Also, with their well-built powerful jaws and neck muscles, they are able to take down their prey.
  • The second factor is the digestive system. The saliva of a dog does not have necessary enzymes which can break down the carbohydrates and starches. This particular function is performed in the pancreas. The pancreas of a dog can only produce a small amount of that enzyme, therefore, feeding it with vegetables means exerting pressure on the pancreas.
  • The digestive system of a dog is observed to be small and works faster. In comparison to meat, the vegetative matter takes long time to be brokendown due to the absence of the bacteria which facilitates in the breaking of vegetables.

Why Dogs Eat Vegetables if they are Carnivore?

Even after knowing about these factors, some people would still come up with the question that why do we see dogs eating vegetables if they have all the canine related features.Just because we have seen them eating vegetables and fruits doesn’t mean that they are omnivore. As per animal experts, this is simply their instinct to survive which makes them eat anything. In other words, dogs evolve in order to survive.

Wolves are considered to be the ancestors of dogs. They used to prey mostly on herbivores. Often when we see dogs eating grass, remember that it is just their survival instinct. They would generally eat grass when not feeling well. Therefore, never just go by the fact that dogs are omnivores. Feeding them with the necessary food would not only keep them healthy but energetic. If are confused about what is best for your pet, get in touch with a vet.

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