What Are The Types Of Terrier Dogs?

There are several types of terrier dogs, which differ in their features and characteristics from each other, and in this article, we will discuss the types of terrier dogs.

Iredale terrier dog

The Airedale Terrier is considered a black type of terrier dog. It also has high energy and agility in the body. It comes from a strong breed, and therefore this type of dog is used in hunting, rescue, and guarding operations, and at the same time it is considered A gentle and friendly dog ​​with the family, the Iredale Terrier’s lifespan ranges from 11-14 years.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the large terrier dogs. It has a strong body and large muscles. This dog is considered a mixture of the bulldog and terrier breeds, and it can be trained. It has the ability to perform various mental and physical activities, and its head is broad. Its jaws are strong, it is agile, it has short-haired fur, and its average lifespan is between 12-16 years.

Australian terrier dog

The Australian Terrier is a small-sized dog that is adaptable to others. It is considered a pet and friendly dog. It is distinguished by its high intelligence. It is also considered a trainable dog, and its average lifespan is between 12-15 years.

Border terrier dog

The Border Terrier is characterized by its small size. It is a good-natured and intelligent dog. It loves hunting and digging. In the 1940s, an Australian woman was registered as the first owner of the Border Terrier type of dog. Its average lifespan is between 12-15 years.

Boston terrier dog

The Boston Terrier is one of the loyal family terriers. It is characterized by its small to medium size, strong muscles, and heavy back. It looks like an English terrier. This dog was identified in 1893 by an American club, and it is a dog. Intelligent and highly trainable, their average lifespan is between 13-15 years.

Pitbull terrier dog

The Pit Bull Terrier is considered a descendant of the bulldog, and a type of terrier dog. It was also used for the first time in dog fighting in the United States of America. The size of the Pit Bull Terrier is not huge, but it has strong muscles and is a loyal family dog. He has a huge head and round black eyes.

Bedlington terrier dog

The Bedlington Terrier is famous for its legs that resemble the legs of a rabbit and is characterized by the presence of a knot of curls in the front of its head, and its fur that also resembles wool. This dog was trained long ago in Britain to hunt badgers, and it also needs a great deal of care because of The nature of its fur.

Keren terrier dog

The origin of the Cairn Terrier goes back to Britain in the sixteenth century when it was bred to hunt foxes and mice at that time. It is a short-haired dog and is characterized by the presence of strong muscles in its body, and its fur contains a water-resistant layer.

Bull Terrier dog

The Bull Terrier’s fur is characterized by a variety of fur colors, such as white, grey, black, and dark grey. This dog is also characterized by its bold and playful nature. Its weight ranges between 22-38 kilograms, and its average lifespan ranges between 10-14 years.

Jack Russell Terrier dog

The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the famous dog breeds. It was first bred in England in the nineteenth century by a priest named Jean Russell. This dog is used to hunt foxes and rabbits and to kill and get rid of mice.

Scottish terrier dog

The Scottish Terrier appeared in the Scottish Highlands. It has short legs and a long body. It is also distinguished by being a pet dog and being able to get along with other types of dogs.

Welsh terrier dog

The Welsh Terrier is an ancient dog breed that was bred to hunt foxes and badgers. It is a breed of small dogs that originated among the Roman breeds and was popular in its original homeland in the city of Wales.

Irish Terrier dog

The Irish Terrier is considered a strong, medium-sized dog, native to Ireland. The dog can exercise daily and undergo continuous training, so that it can be a loyal companion to the family, and its legs are considered to be long legs.

West Highland Terrier dog

The West Highland Terrier is distinguished by its happy appearance, which shows others that it is constantly smiling, in addition to its cheerful behavior that makes it a popular and beloved dog. It also has a beautiful white color and was used for the first time to hunt foxes.

Rat Terrier dog

The Rat Terrier dog appeared in Britain, and then in the United States of America in the early twentieth century, and is used to hunt mice and other rodents on farms. It is also characterized by its small size and is lively and active.

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