3 Essential Features For Your Pet Camera

  If you are a serious pet owner and love animals, you must have shopped around for a pet camera. The enormous amount of choices can be overwhelming for a pet owner to choose from. Let us narrow it down to those features you cannot do without when buying a pet camera. As a pet parent, read on below to be able to choose wisely

It has to be Interactive

   Some products are just “dumb” cameras, you install them, connect to your app then access it from time to time seeing your pet. They are stationary, standard resolution cameras and no better than a CCTV. A good camera should have these features: An Audio or Video interface. At the very least it must have an audio or a microphone for you to reassure your dog when anxious and the microphone for you to hear how he is responding. Some have interactive toys to keep the dog entertained such as lasers, but some might argue that it’s not necessary anymore. You can get more information on i Pet Companion article available at this site.

the CAMERA itself

    Some products are so gimmicky that you actually fail to take notice the MAIN reason for the purchase itself, to be able to see your pet clearly when you are away and the part of the gadget is the camera itself. How is the resolution of the camera? Most would say that the sweet spot is 720p and must be able to make 30fps videos. Why these? 720p is HD which means High-Resolution and this affects how clear the images are being taken or recorded. 30 fps would mean videos are smooth and lag free. The lens itself should be able to pan and zoom on command and should have a wide angle for maximum visibility of the area where your pet is staying. Furthermore, It has to be able to have the capacity for night vision for night time activities.

It has to double as a Treat Dispenser

     If you want the cameras interactive tech to be maximized, your pet has to be trained to come near the camera and be able to hear your verbal commands.  If they know that a treat is going to be their prize if they go near it and associate it with your voice. Making them interact would be no trouble at all. Talk about high tech positive reinforcement. This useful feature coupled with Interactivity will help calm down pets with separation anxiety and high stress levels when being left by their owners.

     In the end, you choose and draw the line as to what is necessary for you and your pet. With the variety of features and products available in the markets today, having the right mix of qualities you need will be a breeze.

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