3 Great Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

If you have kids and you want to get a dog, it’s a good idea to understand the temperament of different breeds and how they interact with young people, as some breeds will be better suited than others for young children. Here are three dog breeds that are great for families with children. 

Labrador Retriever 

Originally bred for hunting, Labrador retrievers are both athletic and even-keeled. Their playfulness and loyalty make them a great addition to a family with kids. It’s also important to note that their life expectancy is between twelve and fourteen years, and this (combined with the fact that labs are a generally healthy breed) makes them a great pet for young children who can grow up with them for most of their childhood.


Beagles are a smaller option to consider, standing at just thirteen to sixteen inches tall and typically weighing in at about a third the poundage of a German shepherd. These scent hounds are gentle and friendly, and they can easily become familiar with new people. As they naturally feel at home in a pack, beagles are excellent with children of all ages. 

German Shepherd 

Families looking for a German shepherd for sale Miami will soon have an excellent guard dog and strong protector in the house. German shepherds tend to have a stoic and confident demeanor, and their loyalty is great. They’re also a larger dog breed, weighing up to eighty-eight pounds at their heaviest. However, just keep in mind that their typical life span average is a bit less than the Labrador retriever and beagle. 

The Labrador retriever, beagle and German shepherd are all great dog breeds for any family. Whichever breed you go with, be prepared for lots of cuddles, kisses and great memories with the newest member of your family! 

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