Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dogs offer unconditional love. They are devoted companions and endless sources of entertainment. Owning a dog is also incredibly beneficial for your mental, physical and social health. Before learning how you can adopt a puppy Elverta CA, consider the following benefits.

Mental Health Benefits

Even petting a dog for 10 minutes can significantly improve your mental health. Due to their desire to be with you, dogs make you feel less alone. They provide emotional support and attention. They also reduce your stress and anxiety.

Dogs help reduce PTSD symptoms and improve coping skills after a crisis. Dogs also make people happy. Looking a dog in the eye reduces oxytocin, the love hormone. Being around a dog reduces your likelihood of suffering from depression.

Physical Health Benefits

Pet owners have to play with and walk their dogs, keeping pet owners active. Most dog owners walk their dogs for more than two hours each week. This activity helps their owners maintain and even improve their mobility. People who walk dogs have lower BMIs and fewer limitations. They also go to the doctor less than nondog owners.

Dogs help to lower your overall risk of death. For example, dog owners typically have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improving heart health.

Even dog owners with preexisting conditions or previous coronary events lived longer than those without dogs. Dogs can also smell illness, such as cancer and blood sugar levels.

Dogs also have a positive effect on cognitive function, especially those with mental illness.

Social Health

Dog owners spend time outside and in social situations because they have to walk their pets. People feel more comfortable approaching and starting conversations with pet owners. In addition, these pets improve the attractiveness and likeability of their owners.

Studies also found that individuals with dementia were less agitated and had improved social interactions when they were around dogs.

If you want to improve your long-term health and wellbeing, consider adopting a puppy.

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