5 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds

So are you thinking about getting a snuggling cute kitty at home? Why wouldn’t you? After all, cats and kittens are adorable, lovable, affectionate and playful and bring in a parcel of love and friendliness. And there are a considerable number of felines looking for a home to be adopted by someone with whom they can spend their day hanging and snuggling around. You may have a whole list to consider while getting a furry friend at home.

But before you make that important decision, you need to do some research. There are many factors involved in choosing a cat, some of which you may never have considered. Whilst each cat is an individual with their own personality and characteristics, there are some breeds which are generally friendlier than others. They may possess different characters and may vary based on their behavior, attributes, looks, and sassiness. Here is our pick for the top 5 friendliest cats:

  1.   Persians

Persian cats are one of the top favorites of a cat lover. Persian cats have heavy bones and are highly expressive. They are soft to touch like a ball of fur and have a round face that you can anytime pull and kiss. Not only are their eyes round but the whole physique is in a circular shape giving them a bouncing ball appearance. They have a primordial belly pouch and broad chest with an articulated tail having curls and kinks. 

They have a beautiful coat and along with their beauty comes the need for some extra attention. They have long hair to add on to their personalities; thus, the owners can expect some extra shedding. You can always make use of cat clippers and trimmers to keep your cat’s fur perfectly trimmed and maintained. The Persian breeds are very playful and were first seen in the cat shows at the palace of Queen Victoria. It is said that this breed is about 125 years old and according to studies it is said that they had Angora breeds s their ancestors.

They like being adored and are the happiest when they happen to grab human attention. They are undemanding and are all-time favorite buddies who do not create a fuss and will mostly spend their time sitting on their thrones (your lap). You can consider it to be a majestic breed which is quiet and committed to the family members who own them. If you wish of having a furry-purry friend, then Persian cats are an ideal choice to have a love able, mellow and sweet companion at home. 

  1. Rag-doll

Another combination of friendliness and cuteness overloaded cats are rag-dolls. These cats stand out as one of the topmost competitors in the list of friendly cats. They are floppy and cuddly nature and possess a laid back behavior. They are so cuddly and love able that they will always find a chance to get on to your laps and love being adored by their owners. Their size is substantial and can weigh up to twenty pounds. They have white paws and belly stripes on their round bellies and are usually confused with the Binman breed.

Their life span lies in the range of fifteen to twenty years. They have long hairs to add to their glory and beauty with a sweet temperament. Their blue eyes can be considered to be one of their best features, and they appear to be so eye-pleasing that no one can stop themselves from adoring these cute little cats. They do not require much grooming and will always await you with their pretty eyes open wide to get going with their cuddles and snuggles.

  1. Exotic short hair

These cat breeds stick to their name, they have short hair, and thus you can consider them to possess manageable manes. Unlike their first cousins, the Persians, these cats have a short coat, though you may keep cat clippers handy for maintaining their fur in shape.

They inhibit natural beauty and do not require much grooming on a daily basis. They are highly friendly and affectionate cats and their round face and round eyes are enough to make you fall for them. They can melt your heart with their affectionate and playful nature and you cannot resist yourself from touching their silky coat. This exotic cat breed is believed to be a hybrid of American short-hair and Persian cats. 

  1. Maine Coon

These cats are a perfect combination of a big heart and big body. If you wish of having a cat that looks big and has all the powers to steal your heart, then Maine coon is the answer to your dreams. They are normally larger than other felines and are giant sized but in no case exhibit any properties of a giant. They are lovable and friendly and can easily get along with other cat breeds and humans. They love to be well combed and groomed and thus owning a Maine Coon means you have to be in possession of cat clippers to keep your cats petted at all time.

They are also coined as plus size cats and have snowshoe resembling tufted feet. They have a dense bushy tail that they love to twirl on them as a blanket when they feel like having a cat nap. They are gentle and like having adventures. They are obsessed with a multi-layer coat and can add on some extra pinch of warmth when they occupy space on your lap. They do not expect entertainment factor from you when you come down after a hectic day, but would just like to hang around wherever you go.

  1. Siamese

Siamese cats are again just another cat breed that stands strong as a contender in the list of top friendliest cats. They are sleek in appearance with blue colored eyes and have their fur coats which vary in a wide range of colors namely orange, cream, brown, lilac, etc. They are affectionate, sassy and social animals and win lots of compliments and gazes wherever they go. So if you own a Siamese and have taken them out for a stroll then you are sure to find many eyes eyeing on your cat and its owner to be obsessed with such a beautiful creature on Earth.

So these were the names of the top friendliest cats. Do you own any of them? No! Then what are you waiting for? If you love cats and enjoy having a snuggle session after returning from a long tiring days’ work, then these cute and friendly cats can be your best friends at home.

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