8 Signs That a Presa Canario Puppy is the Perfect Dog For You

8 Signs That a Presa Canario Puppy is the Perfect Dog For You

If you’re looking to join the 63.4 million American households that own a dog, you’re making a great decision. These animals have been bred to be man’s best friend, so their lifestyles perfectly coincide with most humans’.

Choosing the right breed, however, is still an important and complicated endeavor. Luckily, a Presa Canario puppy is a great choice for most people and households, so the search may be over! Read on to learn more about this awesome working breed to discover whether or not these pups are right for you.

  1. You’re More Introverted

Preso Canario dogs are a fairly calm breed. In contrast with many other larger breeds of dogs, they are pretty quiet and don’t bark very often. While they do have loud voices as a result of their size, they won’t bark unless they’re trying to defend you or their home against what they perceive as a threat.

These dogs are confident and calm, but they are still a working breed. However, when exercised properly, they will sleep while at home and be affectionate and adorable in a low-maintenance way.

  1. You Prefer Large Breeds

Preso Canarios are fairly large working dogs. They reach an average height of 21-25 inches and are about 75-100 lbs.

If you want a dog that will take up space both in your home and in your heart, you’re making the right choice when you choose a Preso Canario. They’re cute when they’re puppies, but they’re also adorable when they grow to their full height. After all, adulthood doesn’t make them any less loving!

  1. You Like to Exercise

Despite their generally low-maintenance needs, Preso Canarios need to be exercised frequently. Since they’re bred as working dogs, they become destructive when they do not have their exercise needs met. This means taking a long walk or jog at least once a day.

You also may want to give your new puppy tasks to complete throughout the day. This can be as simple as a game of fetch. You can also let your dog have unfettered access to a fenced-in backyard with many toys in it that they can ‘herd.’

  1. You Don’t Want to Groom Extensively

Unlike poodles and other small dogs, Preso Canarios have extremely low grooming needs. They have a short coat, which means that no styling will be necessary. You only need to bathe them about once a month.

You can also brush or comb out their coat weekly if you think that your dog has become a bit dirty. They are really calm and do not mind being groomed, but it is unnecessary to do it too often.

  1. You Live in a Warm Climate

Because Preso Canarios have such thin coats, they aren’t well suited to cold climates. This makes them the ideal dog for those who live in more temperate states or those that have nice weather year-round.

Of course, you can always adopt any dog from your local shelter and give them a home. However, if you’re going to a breeder, you may only want to consider Preso Canarios if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of snow or ice. Otherwise, your dog will become very uncomfortable when they need to go outside in the cold!

  1. You Want a Purebred Puppy

Many people value having purebred dogs when looking for a new addition to their family. Presa Canarios are a breed that often is bred specifically for those that want them. If you want to adopt an infant puppy, this is a great pah for you and your family.

You can find more information about breeding Preso Canario puppies on La Nobleza kennel’s website. Here, you can not only have dogs bred to suit your needs, but you can also choose pre-existing dogs from other litters that need a home.

  1. You Have Adequate Funds

In addition to the high adoption fees that come with purebred dogs, Preso Canarios are known for having more health issues than other dogs. Unfortunately, they only have an average lifespan of 9-11 years, but during this timeframe, they will become part of your heart and give you memories to last a lifetime.

Still, you will need money in case your dog develops the health issues characteristic of their breed. They often develop heart and lung problems later in life. They also are at high risk for hip and elbow dysplasia as well as epilepsy, so be vigilant and on the look for problems that may arise.

  1. You Have an Open Heart

Adopting a dog requires you to have an open home and an open heart. You’re not just getting a pet- you’re getting a new family member that you and others in your household will grow to love dearly.

Make sure that you’re ready to be knocked over by a lot of love before adopting any dog. It’s an amazingly beautiful thing that you need to be prepared for.

So, Is a Presa Canario Puppy Right for You?

The answer, for most people, is an absolute ‘yes.’ These animals are friendly, fun, and loving, which makes them the perfect addition to any family.

Now that you know whether or not you should get a Presa Canario puppy, it’s time to learn more about pet ownership. Check out the ‘pet care’ section of our home page for more information on how to properly care for your furry friend. You can also read articles on our website about making sure that you have the right puppy accessories before bringing your new family member home.