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Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dogs offer unconditional love. They are devoted companions and endless sources of entertainment. Owning a dog is also incredibly beneficial for your mental, physical and social health. Before learning how you can adopt a puppy Elverta CA, consider the following benefits.

Mental Health Benefits

Even petting a dog for 10 minutes can significantly improve your mental health. Due to their desire to be with you, dogs make you feel less alone. They provide emotional support and attention. They also reduce your stress and anxiety.

Dogs help reduce PTSD symptoms and improve coping skills after a crisis. Dogs also make people happy. Looking a dog in the eye reduces oxytocin, the love hormone. Being around a dog reduces your likelihood of suffering from depression.

Physical Health Benefits

Pet owners have to play with and walk their dogs, keeping pet owners active. Most dog owners walk their dogs for more than two hours each week. This activity helps their owners maintain and even improve their mobility. People who walk dogs have lower BMIs and fewer limitations. They also go to the doctor less than nondog owners.

Dogs help to lower your overall risk of death. For example, dog owners typically have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improving heart health.

Even dog owners with preexisting conditions or previous coronary events lived longer than those without dogs. Dogs can also smell illness, such as cancer and blood sugar levels.

Dogs also have a positive effect on cognitive function, especially those with mental illness.

Social Health

Dog owners spend time outside and in social situations because they have to walk their pets. People feel more comfortable approaching and starting conversations with pet owners. In addition, these pets improve the attractiveness and likeability of their owners.

Studies also found that individuals with dementia were less agitated and had improved social interactions when they were around dogs.

If you want to improve your long-term health and wellbeing, consider adopting a puppy.

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Dog Medical Emergency Guide: are you prepared?

Dog Medical Emergency Guide: are you prepared? 1

Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by Figo Pet Insurance, a provider of pet medical insurance.

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What Is Included in Horse Medical?

Whether your horse lives a simple life on the ranch or is a rising star in the show circuit, it is up to you to supply medical care as needed. To help with the cost of care for a horse, many people look towards horse medical insurance. Here is what you need to know about what the policies may cover.

Surgical Procedures

To care for a horse may come with tremendous costs. If you are like most horse owners, you would do anything to help your horse. Without medical insurance, you may not be able to afford the care that your horse needs. Some medical insurance policies cover major medical treatments, such as surgical care and treatment. The coverage may include the surgery, the medication and any care that comes after the surgical procedure.

Alternate Treatments

When it comes to alternative treatments, it is rare to find a horse medical insurance policy that covers other types of medicine. This includes treatments like magnetic therapy, chiropractic care or acupuncture. However, there are some circumstances where the insurance provider may approve of the treatment. It is up to you to check the policy thoroughly and to discuss any exceptions that you may need. Some insurers will look at medical care on a case-by-case basis before making a decision.

Your horse counts on you for safety and care. When you own a horse, you have to be prepared for the medical bills. While everyone hopes that their horse will live a long, healthy life without any major procedures, it is not uncommon for a horse, like any other animal or human, to become injured. In these instances, it is up to you to fit the bill. If you’re worried about the cost of healthcare for your horse, then you need to think about equine insurance.

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How to ship a great dane Safely without Hassle ?

As the great Danes are one of the biggest sized breeds  of  dogs, their sizes can be enough reason to make the whole shipping process complex. If you are a proud owner of a great Dane dog, then along with the travel safety it is essential to look after your dog’s well being while shipping.

Therefore, there are several methods to transport your big buddy. If you are about to ship him across the country or it is just a vet meeting, you can go for road transport. But when you are planning to move it cross country, then flying should be the ultimate choice.

So, let’s check out the prior methods and related tips that should be followed to make your beloved big baby’s smooth transportation.

Steps for transporting by road

Road shipment is the most recommended mode of transporting big pets like great Danes. Let’s take a look to the to dos:

  • Make your great Dane familiar with the travelling process since it’s earliest  age. By practicing this over and over  would make the dog gradually  feel comfortable with travelling by car.
  • Give your dog multiple frequent breaks while travelling with you. Let him stretch  out and drink little sips of water at least in every two hours of long drive trips. Also, ask the same to your transporter if you hire one.
  • Don’t leave your big canine baby alone in a locked car in the parking lot, even not with the AC on. Because, if somehow the engine stops working, the AC would off and it may cause suffocation to your pet.
  • Whenever you ship your great Danny in your car, you must keep it confined in a spacious crate or large ply-box. Keep that carriage in the backseat of your car and buckle that up with the car’s seat belt or with an extra harness. So that it won’t slide and the pet remains safe over the journey.
  • Take your big companion for a routine health check up and vaccination to an accredited veterinarian before making the shipment. Gather necessary medications and medical certificates and documents that might be needed in the further transportation process.
  • If possible, try to place your great Dane to the trunk of your vehicle and separate that space with a pet barrier. So that it won’t come to the passenger’s place and makes it a nuisance while driving.

Shipping by air

How to ship a great dane Safely without Hassle ? 3


Flying with your great Dane can be a very complicated process as you won’t be allowed to take it inside the flight cabin with you. The size of your great Dane might be a great barring. However, you can keep it with you inside the cabin if you have registered it as an emotional support animal or service animal.

The United States Department of Agriculture has regulated several travel rules to transport big pet animals by air. Along with that each and every individual airline has its own pet shipping protocol.

Here are few things to know:

  • You must book the tickets in advance and complete the related formalities. All kinds of reservations must be done at least before 15days of travelling. Although, airlines reserve the right to cancel your Dane’s journey if it is unhealthy. Booking tickets in advance does not ensure your pet’s flying as airlines can hold it due to extreme weather, improper carriage, aggressive or violent behaviour of your big pet etc. You must contact the airline to confirm your trip before flying.
  • As per USDA’s rules your pet should be fed at least 3 to 4 hours before flying. Don’t let it drink frequently as dogs have a tendency to fall sick when flying. Keep it hydrated by putting ice-cubes to the attached food bowl of the carrier.
  • Instead of tranquilizing the Dane you can use Zylkene and pheromones as per your vet’s prescription. These will help your Dane to be confined and relaxed during the journey.
  • Use a leash with a proper travel tag including your address, contact number attached to it. Attach the tag to it’s collar. You can also use a customized microchip mechanism for your Dane to ensure it’s extra security.
  • If you are shipping your pet as a cargo, you must choose the right carrier. The carrier should be well ventilated and spacious according to your big pet’s size. Also, mark the carrier as “Live Animal” and proper directional arrows to identify the top. So that it can be marked to handle with care.
  • Keep the necessary road permits and health certificates of the Dane with you. Make sure the health check up records are not older than 10 to 25 days.
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Which Dog Is Best for Home Protection?

Most people are well aware of the fact that there are many, many different kinds of dogs out there. Some dogs are bred solely for their appearance, while other dogs might be bred for specific personality traits and dispositions. There are plenty of dogs that are bred for working purposes as well as being the best companion that one could ask for. For example, one of the most common types of working dog that you will come across will be a personal protection dog. Protection dogs are dogs that have been trained and taught how to protect a house from intruders and people who may be up to no good. Of course, there are going to be some breeds that are better than others to rely on if you are planning on getting your own personal protection dogs in the UK. If you are planning on this, you should first get a good idea of what kind of dog will have the best disposition to this job.

Picking Out the Perfect Breed

When you begin your search for the best breed for your personal protection dogs in the UK, you will want to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are looking for. It can go without saying that dogs for this job are going to need to be somewhat driven, independent, and alert. These are key traits, as your dog will be working around the clock to ensure that there is nobody up to mischief on your property. There are some breeds that are not allowed in the UK, but of the ones that are allowed, the Kuvasz, Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback are all going to be some of the best dogs to work with. What makes these dogs even better is that if you have a young child in the house, your dog will have some degree of patience to handle the child, so you won’t have to worry about anything happening inside or outside the home.

Where Can You Get Your Dog?

Once you have decided what breed of dog is going to work best for you, you will then want to try and determine where you are going to purchase your new dog from. It is often best to purchase your dog from a place that offers the training as well so that your dog can be fully trained by the time you are ready to adopt it. If you want more information on what is involved in this process, has the information you need to fully understand just how much your protection dogs can do for you.


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What Is the Best Guard Dog for a Family?

If you are looking for a suitable guard dog for your family, there are quite a few dog breeds that you should consider. Guard dogs are specially trained animals and they know how to identify a threat and neutralise it very quickly. They are trained from a very early age, and if you are seriously considering buying one, there are quite a few dog breeds out there that you can consider. But, if you are comparing different guard dogs in the UK, you should know that some stand out above the rest. Here are the best breeds to choose from if you want a guard dog.


The Bullmastiff is a cross between the bulldog and the mastiff, and as you might imagine, it is a hulking, muscular dog that is incredibly powerful. If you want a dog that’s going to intimidate others by appearance alone, this is the one to go for. Bullmastiffs are incredibly powerful, and when trained the right way, they can neutralise any threat that comes their way. Not only do they make for excellent walking companions, but you can leave them to guard your house without having to worry about anything at all.

You should check out, this is an excellent option for people who are looking to buy well-trained guard dogs in the UK.

German Shepherd

Renowned for its intelligence and awareness, the German Shepherd is easily one of the best and the most popular dog breeds out there. If you are looking for guard dogs that will protect your family with its life, the German Shepherd is by far one of the best choices.

These dogs are incredibly patient, and as long as they get their daily exercise, they won’t cause any problems for you either. Not only that, but the German Shepherd is also incredibly attached to its owners. You will realise that soon enough, because these dogs just don’t like letting their owners out of sight!


The Rottweiler is another excellent dog breed that you can choose. They make for excellent guard dogs and as long as they are well-trained, you have nothing to worry about. Rottweilers are incredibly loyal, and they are also quite strong. They are very gentle with their owners, but they need to be socialised properly if you are going to ensure that they don’t turn destructive. These are the best dog breeds that you can choose from!


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What Dog Breeds are Good as Protection Dogs?

Having a family dog is always a good thing, especially because it doesn’t take them long to become an important part of your family. If you’re looking around for a good family dog but you also want one for protection, it’s good to look for certain breeds because these breeds are more natural protection dogs in the first place. Dogs such as German shepherds and Dobermans are at the top of the list and these are also friendly dogs that can be especially good with children, especially with the proper training. And the latter point is important because without the proper training, your dog won’t get the attention and love it deserves to become a great guard dog for your family.

A Personalised Approach Works Best

When the companies that train dogs work with you, you always get a personalised approach that works best for your dog and your family. If you like, you can even let them train one of their own dogs for you. Once the training is complete, you can bring the dog home and let it join your family. Other dogs can also be great protection dogs including the rottweiler, cane corso, giant schnauzer, American bulldog, and Belgian Malinois. Because these breeds have a natural protective instinct, they can be trained easily and quickly, which means that you can have a family guard dog that is well trained as a member of your family in no time. Letting the professionals train your dog is definitely the best way to do it.

When You Expect the Very Best

When it comes to the best guard dogs, the breeds that most people choose are easy to work with and easy to train. You deserve nothing less when you’re researching the best protection dogs. After all, you’re not just looking for a great guard dog; you’re also looking for a great family dog for every member of your family to love. To get both is not difficult, especially if you know what to look for. Companies such as Total K9 can provide you with the perfect dog if you don’t already have your own. They work with you so that you get exactly what you need for your family. All of their services are reasonably priced, from the classes to getting the perfect guard dog and everything in between. They also have lots of dogs to choose from, guaranteeing that you’ll get just what you need.


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All You Need To Know About Chicken Feeders

Many people seem to think that feeding chicken is merely a simple task where you throw the food into a bowl-like container and leave it for chickens and chicks to feed. Well, essentially that might true but that’s just a part of the actual purpose. If you simply leave feed out there for them to eat voluntarily, do you think that all of them would actually get eat? When it comes to food, even the most mellow animals can get very competitive as their sole motto to survive is to eat as much as possible. With unequal quota of feed, your feathery flock can get sick or starve (and maybe frequently end up in brawl). To prevent such unfortunate situations, experts advise to use chicken feeders to feed your chickens the right way.

What is a chicken feeder?

Think of a chicken feeder as granary for the flock. It needs to safe from weather conditions, external exploitation and of course rough treatment by your chickens. Your chickens love to eat and to do so they’ll do whatever they can to get everything out of the container. They will peck at it, scratch it, tip it over and what not. What you need to make sure is that the feeder is strong enough to withstand all that and has sufficient weight that it cannot be tipped over. Also, it needs to be durable to stay safe from weather conditions such as rain, dust, etc. The feed ahs to remain clean and healthy for the flock to eat.

What are the different types of chicken feeder?

There are various types of feeders available in the market that can suit your purpose and prevent a mess as much as possible. Below are some of the most common types of chicken feeders:

Suspended chicken feeder

As the name suggests, this type of feeder is hanged from the roof of the coop (the shelter) of the chickens. This hangs at the height of their neck so that they can only feed from it and not scratch it or push it back and forth. It is a sturdy model for feeders and are also easy to clean and maintain,

Treadle chicken feeder

This type of feeder works with platform which opens up the lid of the feeder when stood upon. Your chicken might feel tricked at first but with time they will eventually learn to use it. The reasons to use this feeder is that it protects the feed from rodents and vermin. Also, as the lid stays shut when not in use, it is protected from weather conditions as well.

With the right chicken feeder, you will definitely have more time to spend with your chicken than to clean up their mess.

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Compare Wolf vs Bobcat- who will win the deadly fight

A bobcat is a small size like a dog mostly or maybe bigger than a cat. It has a body that looks like a tiger, but has nothing similar like a tiger. The outer skin of the bobcat is printed like a tiger. The wolf is three times bigger than a bobcat.

As for a wolf, we know it is a wild, cunning animal and large in size. It is also a fierce animal. I never saw a wolf in a friendly way. They are wild and untamed to me.

Although they differ in size, bobcat and wolf, if they ever start fighting, bobcat has no chance of winning. I never saw a cat fighting with another animal, a cat fights a cat only. Whenever a cat starts an angry sound, it actually tries to make its opponent feel frightened. But the truth is, a cat always climbs on a tree or something and never tries to fight back.

The cat never fights with a dog or a cow, and is a domestic/pet animal. A bobcat is not a pet animal. It is a wild animal. The same is the case with Lynx, a similar looking wild cat. People often confuse Lynx vs Bobcat. They are similar looking cats but actually not the same.

Bobcat nature is to stay wild. But nature does not support it to fight. So if ever any-how, a fight takes place between a wolf and a bobcat, no doubt, the wolf will win.

According to its nature a cat cannot fight but flees. Just like that, if ever a bobcat and a wolf starts fighting, there is a chance that bobcat will jump up to a tree, or will try to save its skin.

A hungry wolf is a deadly animal. Wild wolf always attacks its prey to feed itself. I don’t think anyone ever heard of a wolf not attacking, when it is hungry. But if you fight, a wolf has a tendency to fight, so it will fight.

A bobcat is small in size, so it will never have a chance to fight. The bobcat will flee thus the wolf will become a winner. Fighting with a wolf and to be a winner, no chance for Bobcat. The wolf is the winner.

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what is the best dog food

How much is an important food for dogs? Which food is liked by dogs? There are numberless varieties available of Dog Food. But the selection of excellent and healthy eating is responsible for the owner. Exact and useful food for dogs must be selected for their proper care. The most extreme mutts sitting in the safe house today are the main wellspring of nourishment for their pets. Contingent upon the presence of puppies, mutts ought to be incorporated into unique puppy protein, fat, minerals, and nutrients. To demonstrate that they are stable, they should nourish or encourage a specific eating regimen, or ought to be kept in exceptional sustaining cases.

Eating hound implies that care is between 30 to 70 percent sugars. Mutts usually are, which means they can utilize sugar vitality. Capacity to use the two proteins and starch both vitality as energy enables potential mutts to work productively for business information. Basic grain grains give cupboards and arrangement, for example, wheat, corn, rice, jacuzzi, and containers. After the procedure, this fixing is anything but challenging to burrow hounds.

A standout amongst the essential supplements for the pooch is protein. The protein is made of amino acids, which have valuable squares for stable muscle development and body support. Since canines can make half of the amino acids, other amino acids (called Essential Amino Acids) are nourishing.

Albeit some vibe fat is insufficient, it isn’t generally the situation. The canine needs a parity of unsaturated fats which is given by nourishment. The taste flavor and taste, give vitality and advance the retention of certain nutrients. Bloatedness gives solid skin and sound, solid coat by food.

Aside from solid water sustenance isn’t finished. It is essential to wipe out waste from the body, sort out body temperature, healthful exchange and water lack. What’s more, some water can likewise be found in dry pooch food, and your pet dependably becomes a wellspring of water to oblige sound, adjusted eating regimen.