A Guide to Sourcing Kennel Facilities for your Dog

We all love to get away from it all on our summer holidays, and for many pet owners, this means finding suitable kennels for the family dog. It is important that your dog enjoys his holiday too, and rather than looking for a kennel to contain him safely, you should try to find one that offers a lot more than just a secure place to leave him.

Licensed & Star Rated

Fortunately, there is recommended kennel facilities in Darlington where your dog will have the time of his life, and let’s face it, your dog deserves a holiday just as much as you. Each canine guest would have their own private quarters, and with exercising twice a day, your dog will have the opportunity to explore and have some fun. All dogs have access to fresh water 24/7, and each dog has his own private area, which is concealed from other dogs, and with top quality food, your dog will have the essential nutrition he needs. If you would prefer to keep him on his regular diet, leave ample food with the kennel staff, and they will feed your dog as instructed.

Bring Along His Toys

In order that your pet feels completely at home during his short stay, you can bring his favourite toys, which will make him feel more at home, and other services include:

  • Personal Interaction on a daily basis.
  • Exercise twice a day.
  • Private kennel accommodation – Centrally heated during the winter.

If you have any personal requirements for your dog, the kennel staff would be happy to incorporate this into their daily routine.

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