How Owning a Pet is the Key to Happiness?

People who don’t own a pet don’t know how their owners are bonded to their animal friends. It won’t be wrong to say that a pet lover can’t imagine a life without having any of their beloved animals around. The great affinity and affection for pets are rooted in the fact that they make people happy. There are several underlying reasons that make the entire experience of pet fostering a cherished one. Let’s take a look.

Pet Ownership Entails Active Lifestyle

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, a pet owner has a more active lifestyle than a person who doesn’t own one. According to one research, a dog owner walks 80% more than the people who don’t have one. Even if the pet is a couch potato, one still has to take care of its food and hygiene and that automatically adds more activity to the daily routine.

People with an active physical lifestyle experience more dopamine release and therefore generally feel happier and elated than others. If you are new to this lifestyle, different pets for sale platforms offer different types of dog breeds and they can greatly help you in picking the right pet friend.

Pets Spark Empathy

Many research studies have suggested that pets spark the feeling of empathy among people around them.  People understanding the need of comfort and love for the others generally become more giving and compassionate and lead a content life as compared to those who have forgotten to empathize with others.

They are Self-Esteem Booster

High self-esteem level is considered a prerequisite for happiness. And pets boost the self-esteem of their owners in many ways. For instance, they constantly remind the owners of their importance with the upkeep of their food and toilet routines. Moreover, they exhibit unconditional love and don’t judge the lifestyle of their owners.

Apart from these general observations regarding pet ownership, there is scientific basis for the self-esteem claim. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pet owners reported a self-esteem boost. In addition, they experience a greater sense of belonging and meaningful existence.

Pets even facilitate amiable social environment altogether. While walking down the pet, the owner gets many pleasant greetings from pedestrians that improves mood.

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