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Addison ’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s disease in dogs is a lack of adrenal control and can be characterized by signs such as lethargy, weight loss, diarrhea, trembling, and trembling. Here are some tips to help identify Addison’s disease in your dog:

What are the Symptoms of Addison’s disease?

Addison’s disease is particularly rare in cats and fairly uncommon in dogs. It is mostly diagnosed in young to middle-aged female dogs. However, the disorder has been identified in dogs and cats of all ages. 

In general, signs of Addison’s disease tend to manifest rapidly, usually within a few days. However, they may also develop within weeks or months.

Most owners notice that their pet develops several problems at about the same time. These problems include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle weakness

Other less common observations include: 

  • Intermittent weakness or loss of appetite. 
  • Shivering, trembling or shaking. 
  • Fainting or beginning to develop a shock-like condition.


In order to properly diagnose your dog with Addison’s disease, your veterinarian will perform the following:

    • Review: signs and medical history of the condition
    • Blood and Urine Test: Checks the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, metabolism and electrolyte balance

  • ACTH Stimulation Test: Test the adrenal glands. It is one of the main methods used to treat Addison and involves at least one day of hospitalization. Your doctor should prescribe a dose of ACTH, the hormone responsible for the release of corticosteroids when a dog is under stress. A healthy animal would have elevated cortisol levels in response to ACTH, whereas a dog with Addison will have none.

What Treatments are Available for Addison’s disease?

Dogs with Addison who are seriously dehydrated may need to be hospitalized for immediate care and stabilization. If stabilized, dogs may need long-term (life-long) hormone replacement therapy to replace missing mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids. These drugs are given at home in the form of tablets and injections.
Routine blood tests are recommended to monitor the condition, and the amount of medication may need to be adjusted over time. If the dogs are depressed (e.g. due to going to boarding kennels, or because of some illness) a Vet might instruct you to administer additional steroid therapy.

If you want to ask a question about this or any other disease, please comment down below. We’ll be happy to help you and your canine companion.

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Happy Pets and Anxiety-Symptoms and cure

Happy pets are a blessing. Living in 7 billion people and not facing any anxiety or depression ever is an almost impossible nut to crack. A smiling adorable face, a tiny wet nose, and a tail-wagging excitedly is the sincerest form of love and affection. Also, it’s a relief from the depressing moments and sudden anxious behavior.

If you are a pet owner, whether the pet is a dog, cat, a bunny, or any other fluffy fellow, you must have experienced calmness in their presence. But the question here is, does the pet feels the same way? Ever wondered, the fluffy family member could have been anxious? Animal anxiety?

For the reader’s sake, let us explain this further.

Happy pets and Pet anxiety, is it real?

A study of human-animal bonding has coined the term “pet emotions.” According to which animals do have a wide range of feelings. These emotions include love, joy, anger, relief, pet anxiety, fear, sadness, and many more.

The nature of these emotions in animals is another dispute to be solved, but if you are a pet owner, your bonding must have provided you with enough shreds of evidence of their emotional side.

The unpleasant feeling of anxiety attacks the animals in the same way as it does to humans. If we talk about dogs and cats, the unease is identical for all species and breeds without exception. Some people consider it a healthier motion faced by pets from time to time. But if this condition has to be encountered quite often, it could be a symptom of severe pet anxiety disorder.

How can one check if the pet is suffering from a severe anxiety disorder or just the “healthy emotion”? Don’t worry. We got you covered by explaining everything regarding happy pets and pet anxiety. This way, you will understand the symptoms, causes, and preventions in case your adorable companion suffers from any unpleasant emotion.

Reasons for pet anxiety

Just like human anxiety, dog anxiety could be a result of different causes. Some significant causes reported behind this anxiety are:

  • Terror or fear
  • Loneliness
  • Aging effects

Terror related anxiety

This anxiety is usually found in almost every breed of dogs and cats. Especially in kittens and puppies. The reason behind this anxiety could be thunderous noises, exposure to strange things, animals, unfamiliar faces and voices, veterinary appointments, and unusual environmental changes. Sometimes a pet also gets scared of different surface textures, including glass and mirrors. Though this isn’t the case of every pet breed, some pets find it difficult to overcome them.

loneliness Anxiety:

This anxiety usually hits the pet when he is alone or away from his beloved family. Pets suffering from this anxiety find it difficult to stay alone, even for a short time. This anxiety could be seen as an aggressive behavior while left alone and results in dogs barking over small things or nothing, damaging household things and furniture, urinating, and other unpredictable actions.

Aging Anxiety

Aging anxiety treat human and pets equally. As the different perception such as the ability to think and see starts to decline, the pets begin to face low understandability and confusion. Quite often, this confusion leads to aggression and restlessness, which is considered the most threatening state of anxiety.

Pets uneasiness shows up in different ways, including attacking, human or animal, and barking. Sometimes, the situation could be frustrating and unpleasant to handle.

Aggressive behavior can be very harmful to the pet, too, as the pet could severely hurt himself.

Cure of pet anxiety

The ideal treatment of anxiety could only be determined by listing down the reasons behind this anxiety. Quality veterinary advice could help in this regard as he will be able to clarify whether the situation is normal or is a severe issue that needs your proper consideration.

After a complete vet visit, you will observe and state the reason, that is making the dogs restless. Also, you could help your pet by coming up with a comprehensive cure plan.

Since different environmental and physical factors cause anxiety, the treatment considered by the vets and pet owners as the most effective cure is an excellent blend of medical treatment, training, along with the physical and emotional support.

Anxiety can be easily identified, cured, and managed. All it needs is an extra effort from the owner to bring the canine companions back to a healthy and happy life. Pets are our real friends who need our attention the same way we do. A gesture of love every day, a moment of happiness, a fun activity, and a little trick works like Magic. Here are some tips to make your pet cheerful today:

 provide clean and freshwater

Let’s start with the most basic need. Staying hydrated is the crucial need for a healthy and happy pet. While hydration is a critical step in making a pet happy and healthy, make sure the water is clean.

Whatever pet you have, make sure he drinks from a freshwater source. It could be a pet bowl or anything

Of course, as a pet owner, we believe one cannot look over them all the time since we have to work also so we can purchase their food and make them happy pets. But filling their bowl with fresh water should be the top priority when you reach back.

Clean water supply twice a day is a healthy initiative that ensures you have healthy, fluffy, and happy pets as your friends.

No two humans have similar reactions to a thing. Similarly, pets also react in different ways. Anxiety hits and elder dog and a small pup separately.

Some pets become extremely aggressive when abandoned by their loved ones, even for a flash of time. This aggression could also be seen as jealousy when their favorite human tries to reach a different pet.

Pet owners use different tricks to reduce this anxiety in pets, including the use of CBD oil for pet anxiety. Few owners revealed that they leave a piece of their dress with their pet, so they feel the mummy or dada is at home. Yet, as stated earlier, remember the clean water supply!

Proper Nutrition

Facing a happy pet face after a long exhausting workday is quite a fantastic experience. Isn’t it?

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in making your pet happier and healthier. It also reduces the chances of sudden depression, which causes aggression and violent behavioral patterns in pets.

Pets do love to eat food from their hoomans plate, by being the cutest food stealer. But this isn’t a healthier activity for them as it makes them overweight and plumpy.

A balanced diet is a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, energy, and vitamins. If one provides the pet a well-planned and balanced diet, there is no need to be worried about the “Overweight” or thin kitty fear. Still, a vet visit is something you should not ignore. Without this, if you are using homemade prescriptions, don’t get surprised if your pet passes on.

Every Pat has different nutritional levels. Sometimes they need vitamin supplements to grow healthy, but the excess of such supplements isn’t a good option always, as it could damage their Kidneys and come up with many health issues.

 Hopping and jumping pets – Pet exercises

easy access to nutritious food and clean water is a healthy option to reduce anxiety. Exercise is a great way that could help your pet to boost his physical activities.

For dogs, a vigorous activity could mean taking them to a nearby dog park for a walk every evening or twice the day, letting them run around with other dogs, and playing with them.

Physical activities not only cheer them but also your bonding with them becomes more potent. It’s a great way to keep their weight under control. Veterinary specialists also list some other benefits. These include lower blood pressures and healthier bones along with buildup muscles.

Exercise helps you keep your pet healthy and happy. Still, it also helps reduce other anxiety and related behavioral issues such as barking, digging, damaging, chewing the furniture and other stuff like shoes, urinating everywhere, and licking.

A preplanned exercise routine also boosts the confidence level of your pet and makes him social.

If you talk about cat happiness and exercise, our point is to let them follow their animal instinct. Cats are natural predators and are full of energy. They quickly get frustrated if they don’t find a way to utilize that energy. Cat toys could provide you a great deal of help in this regard as they keep your cat moving and jumping around.

Allowing your cat to go for a hunt also takes him a step away from an anxiety disorder.

Regular check-ups

This part might be the least favorite part of your pet so far. A regular veterinary check-up comes with many health benefits for your pet. Allowing the vet to perform some Quick Health test ensures the fluffy member of the family is in good health.

These health check-ups are also beneficial as they spot disease symptoms before things start to get out of control.

Prevention and cure go hand in hand. Regular check-ups come with prevention medicines to keep your pet healthy in the long run by preventing severe health problems. These regular check-ups include dental appointments as well.

Dental Care lessens the chances of periodontal diseases (bacteria in gums) and plaque. Another dental problem that could make your pet restless is a broken tooth. Regular dental check-up keeps your pet healthier and his teeth out of the cavity.

In addition to dental appointments brushing your pet’s teeth daily also lessens the chances of mouth diseases. It is also recommended by the dentist to clean the pet’s teeth at least three times a week.

Buy your pet a Pet Bed

Dogs and cats are excited animals. Pets like dogs are the real definition of happy pets. A little trick could make them extra joyful. So why not give them a special puppy or pet bed to relax and sleep comfortably?

Buy a cozy pet bed and decorate it with some of his favorite toys, and there you have it, a special place where your pet can rest and feel comfortable whenever he wants.

Bow wow!

Happy Pets bed is more like a comfortable shelter for pets rather than fancy decor for your apartment. As Pet owners suggested, every parent should have his bed where he can peacefully snooze at day and sleep at night.

Having a pet bed comes with many benefits. Unlike other surfaces, pet beds support them and give them a warm feeling to face their fears. This way, pets exhibit less anxious behavior.

Here are a few factors that need your observation before purchasing a pet bed.

A winter bed helps you to keep your pet warm throughout the winter, but for summer, it wouldn’t be a smart choice to make. Imagine sleeping in a warm bed in the hot summer. Ouch!

Did felt suffocate, right?

Pets feel the same way. Consider purchasing a summer bed for your happy pets too.

Providing a pet his place to rest gives him a feel of ownership and happiness. It also helps them in their fight against anxiety. It also helps you in telling a happy pet story.

Saving your pet from depression and proving them with what they deserve is a sign of responsible ownership. Before you adopt a furry mate, understand that your mate needs your proper attention and uncountable affection. He’s dependent on you for the fulfillment of his needs and well-being. It is the owner’s responsibility to save the innocent soul from hot and cold and provide them the best in available circumstances. Remember pet adoption is different than having an emotional pet. Happy pets provide us with unconditional love and joy, but happiness also comes with many responsibilities.

Do you have a furry mate too? What steps are you taking to make the little fellow’s happy pets while eliminating the anxiety factor? Don’t forget to share your happy pet story with us in the comment section below.

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How to set up an aquarium for a Betta fish

Many people think that one can install a Betta fish in a simple decorated vase because this species is able to adapt to many environments. In fact, these fish need a lot of space and filtered water, and that’s what you’re going to have to provide your Betta with to keep it healthy and happy.

You will also have to respect certain rules and in particular the one which prohibits putting two males in the same aquarium where they would end up fighting until death.

Click: Best 5 gallon betta tanks

Choose the aquarium and accessories:

Choose an aquarium with sufficient volume for your Betta. You’ve probably seen fish of this species swimming in small, transparent plastic pockets, but you shouldn’t think a tight space is right for them. In fact, for your Betta to be healthy and happy, it must have at least 20 liters of water, preferably in a glass or acrylic aquarium (transparent). These fish can jump above the surface of the water and that is why you need to make sure that the tank is fitted with a cover. A large aquarium will allow the Betta to swim freely in water that will not be quickly contaminated as would be the case in a smaller space.

  • You could put your fish in a small aquarium or a large vase, but you would have to clean the water very regularly and change it at least once a week. If you nevertheless decide to install it under these conditions, you should choose a container that can hold at least 10 liters of water, otherwise you can be sure that it will get sick.
  • Bettas cannot live with other fish of the same species. This is always true when it comes to males and often true with females. The right decision is to separate the fish by placing them each in their container.

Get an aquarium water filter:

In the wild, Bettas live in weak currents because their long and flexible fins do not allow them to fight against strong currents. This is why it is important to choose a water filter that is adjustable or has a low flow rate. Choose a filter that is designed for aquariums of the same type and volume as yours .

  • If you have a filter that generates a relatively strong current, place plants in front of the outgoing flow to attenuate it. However, it is always preferable at the outset to acquire one with a low flow of water to be sure that the fish will not be weakened because it constantly has to fight against a current too strong for it.
  • Bettas can survive in unfiltered water if you clean it regularly to remove food scraps and scraps. To maintain the health of your fish, you must prevent the water from becoming cloudy.

Get a heating element to regulate the temperature of the water in the aquarium:

Bettas are tropical fish that are adapted to a water temperature between 23 and 30 ° C. Choose a heater with a thermostat, which allows you to monitor the temperature of the water to provide your fish the best possible environment .

If you live in a climate that is warm enough to keep the aquarium water at the right temperature, you should not have to install a heating element. However, you will need to monitor this temperature so that it never drops below 23 ° C.

If you have chosen a small aquarium that is less than 20 liters, do not install a heating system that could kill your fish by overheating the water quickly. This is another reason to choose an aquarium for your Betta that has a volume of at least 20 liters.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog Grooming pampers both you and your pet. Mobile dog grooming is the ideal answer for your pet needs. Mobile pet Grooming is substantially more helpful for the client, and it’s considerably less stressful for your pet! Never again will you hear first come first serve. Your pet will be groomed by the same groomer each time.
Advantages of Mobile Dog Grooming
Individuals love their pets, once in a while like their own children. They don’t like that their dearest ones be caged for a considerable length of time with different dogs or that another groomer deals with him/her every time. A mobile dog groomer goes to your home in his/her own independent van can offer a few points of interest that a mortar salon can’t:
Personalized or Should We Say Channelized Attention:
In a salon, a groomer takes care of a number of dogs at the same time, supervising the washing of one whilst checking out the nail clipping of another. A mobile dog groomer focuses only on your precious dog. In a salon, a custodian deals with various canines simultaneously, administering the washing of one while looking at the nail cutting off another. A versatile canine specialist concentrates just on your valuable pooch
What an extraordinary thing it is that a mobile dog groomer brings his/her salon on wheels to your garage. You can utilize your time profitably around the house while your dog is being groomed. You can proceed with your ordinary exercises of everyday living. Mobile grooming services provide you the best services.
Less Stress for Your Dog:
Many dogs, particularly old or sick ones, develop uneasiness when leaving his/her home for an unusual and sometimes not pleasurable experience. Using mobile pet grooming care wipes out any uneasiness or nervousness with respect to your dog on the ride over to the groomer. Many dog groomers keep doges in cages when they aren’t being groomed prepped. For a dog that never invests any time locked up in a cage, the time spent at the dog groomer’s shop can’t be agreeable.
No More Exposure to Kennel’s Virus:
There’s no danger of any illnesses that different dogs might be spreading at the dog groomer’s shop.
The Best Mobile Dog Near Me:
The best mobile dog grooming near me is pawlor pet service- playa vista, orange bone grooming, and kriseres. The best pet grooming near me is city dog club, groom and board, and big dogs and cats.
Here’s the valuing I’ve found for standard professional dog grooming with a mobile groomer: at the lower end, grooming will cost around $30 to $50, with the normal cost somewhere close to $50 to $70. At the better quality, hope to pay between $70 to $99 or more! In addition, mobile dog groomers usually charge a convenience expense which means about $10 to $15 extra.
Final Words
If your dog doesn’t appear to like heading off to the groomer, at that point mobile dog grooming care could be an incredibly positive experience. It’s conceivable that the crates, joined with the odd environment and barking dogs make your dog upset. Being groomed by the same groomer each time creates a bond among animals and dog groomers that prompts a much pleasant one-to-one experience.

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Getting Calories into your Sick Cat

Cats sometimes get sick and the owner of the animal, in addition to worrying, also gets a lot of problems. In addition to being able to properly care for a sick animal, the owner also needs to learn how to properly feed it. At the same time, it is important not to harm the pit, as well as give everything necessary for a speedy recovery.

Feeding requirements

If the pet is sick, viewing the veterinary has already been done, and the cat has been given all the recommendations needed to be kept. Therefore, you need to feed the animal feed, which was picked up in the veterinarian. But there are options when there is no clinic nearby or there is no way to be able to do it for some reason. In such cases, you need to act on your own.

The nutrition of the sick cat differs from the usual food supply:

  • Food must be nutritious and at the same time lean.
  • You can feed the cat chicken with broth in a puree condition.
  • The amount of food must be reminiscent of thick cream, so it is easier to swallow a pet, in that case, if it cannot be chewed.
  • No raw meat, fish, dairy products or bones.
  • In case of illnesses, it is good to feed the cat with a specialized food for the weakened animals, it contains all the necessary microelements.
  • It must be ensured that there is a sufficient quantity of clean water so as not to allow dehydration.

This is a general requirement for feeding domestic animals that are sick. But each individual case and the exact recommendations may be given only by the veterinarian after the cat is examined.

You can track the status of the pet for no more than two days. If the condition of the cat has not changed for the better, the pet needs veterinary care.

You sick cat cannot eat on its own

Depending on the condition of the pet, the cat may refuse food for a few days. You can try to remove the bowl with the feed, and after some time suggest cat eat again. But what to do, if the cat can’t eat on its own? You can try to feed a sick cat with the use of forces, as well as balanced food gives extra strength to the cat and helps a pet recover faster.

  • It is necessary to hold the cat, calm your pet down, and talk to it in a quiet calm voice.
  • First, spread a little feed on the face of the animal. Often, reflex occurs and it begins to lick the food.
  • If it doesn’t help, then you need to open the mouth carefully with two sides, holding it with your hands.
  • Put food in a small spoon and push it as deep much as possible, pushing to the root of the tongue.
  • Close the cat’s mouth and raise its head up, stroking the larynx. In this case, pet must swallow food.
  • Repeat a few times.
  • Remember, you should not overfeed a sick animal, especially if it itself refused food.
  • A few spoons of food will be enough for the cat. Better feed your pet more often, but little by little.
  • After feeding, be sure to praise the cat, pet it. Animals feel human support.
  • You can give water from a pipette or small spoon in small portions every two hours. Regardless of its condition, the cat should drink.

Feeding a sick cat will not take much time and effort if the pet normally swallows food. However, there are sad cases when, when fed with the use of force, the animal chokes on food, sneezes, and food does not go down the throat. If a few feedings did not end with a positive result, the pet needs urgent veterinary care. Usually, such sick animals are injected with maintenance drugs intravenously until complete recovery and the ability to eat on their own. A good owner should look after his cat, both in good and bad times And also provide timely assistance, because the health and sometimes the life of a pet depend on it. After all, very often the animal is suffering precisely because of the irresponsibility of its owners.

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Golden Retriever Information And Facts Regarding Dog Agression

In this post we’re going to deal with an aggressive golden retriever dog. Aggression is the most common and the most serious problem an owner has with his dog. All animals are aggressive when protecting their territory or themselves. The first step in eliminating aggressiveness is to rule out any physical or medical causes by having the dog thoroughly checked by a veterinarian. If no problems are found, a vet will probably refer you to a behaviorist. The aggression could be triggered by something that happened during puppyhood. There might be a dominance issue between owner and dog. Whatever the reason, a dog’s aggression should be immediately dealt with. Sustained aggression could be dangerous to both owner and dog.

Golden Retriever Information And Facts Regarding Dog Agression 5

Credit : Golden Retriever dog and puppies information

Golden retriever information and facts show that Puppies as young as six weeks can exhibit aggression. If left alone for long periods of time, a puppy can become anxious. If children or friends tease or pick on a puppy, it may lash out defensively. Some breeds of dog can suffer from a rare disease known as “rage syndrome”. Larger breeds such as German Shepherds and Dobermans will naturally defend their territory even as puppies. Teething pain will cause puppies to chew and bite which could later turn into aggressive behavior. Keep toys in the freezer overnight so they will be cold and soothing on sore gums the next day.

Early intervention will help discourage aggressive behavior (Take advantage of our free mini-course and learn all about the essential golden retriever information and facts). Keep puppies together in their litter for at least 8 weeks. The warmth and interaction between the individual puppies keep them secure and strengthens social communication. Treat puppies gently as they are easily started. Saying “no” in a firm rather than a loud, shrill voice is a better way to promote obedience. Harsh discipline will only encourage negative behavior for the rest of the dog’s life. Poor living conditions and frightening environments contribute to violent behavior. Unfortunately that’s just the golden retriever information and facts.

Help your Golden retriever dog socialize with people and other dogs from day one to avoid future aggression issues. Show him respectful behavior towards people and other animals and your dog will learn to love other people and other dogs. Observe your dog to recognize the situations that trigger aggressive behavior. In some cases hostility may be caused by the mere fact that the dog has not been neutered or spayed. Take advantage of all the golden retriever information and facts published on this site.

Aggression is an inherent as well as a learned behavior, that’s just the golden retriever information and facts. From the dog’s point of view, it keeps him safe from danger. It also helps establish a pecking order within a pack. Dogs will test for dominance by biting or posturing. Both male and female Golden retriever dogs will show territorial aggression. They will also rush to defend another member of their family be it human or fellow canine. Although modern dogs no longer have to compete for food, nesting sites or mates, they instinctively guard their possessions from others.

Learned aggression is a result of living in a threatening environment. The first response of a frightened dog or animal is escaping or fleeing. But if no escape is possible, it will resort to fighting especially if cornered or trapped. Always avoid turning your back to a dog who is posturing, growling, or snarling.

A Golden Retriever puppy who displays aggression after reaching the age of 14 months or sexual maturity needs special attention. Owners should have established themselves as the pack leader throughout the dog’s puppyhood. Being a strong leader means the owner should train the dog to follow all commands and structure the day by setting feeding and walking times. That’s the golden retriever information and facts.

It’s true that all dogs bite. It’s what they do. But biting, lunging, and other aggressive behaviors can be prevented with proper management. If the need arises, hire a professional to intervene before your dog is blamed for hurting someone else. Often the problems are caused by the owners rather than the pets

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What to Consider When Shopping for Dogs Bed

If you have a pet dog, you should make sure to keep it in best care and comfort. As a part of your daily routine to make it feel comfortable, you should choose the right type of bed for your pet. This article helps you decide the type of dog bed perfect for your pet.

Why to buy a separate bed for your dog?

The adult dogs sleep averagely 14-16 hours a day. Definitely it needs to enjoy comfort during that prolonged time. A pet should have a place of its own so that it can always feel secure and comfortable. By buying a washable bed for your dog, you will also have a good amount of sleep at night as the pet is unlikely to causes disturbances.

What type and size of bed to choose for your dog?

Before deciding the shape, size and type of the bed for your dog, you should find out how it prefers to sleep. Does it prefer to curl up or stretch out? Or does it simply love sleeping in both patterns?

If your dog enjoys sleeping all curled up, an oval or round shaped bed having lots of cushion will be a great choice for it. For these snugglers, you will have other options as well. A bolster bed having cushions at three sides will provide a more contained and comfortable ambience for your pet as it will feel more secure in this type. Cuddle bags are also available and these look like bean bags, allowing the pets to feel comfortable in a surrounded environment. Some beds come with a trend-like cover so that the pets can burrow inside.

If your dog sleeps in a coiled position, measure it at the longest point. Next, add 7 inches to each of the measurements. Make sure that the bed you intend to buy comes closer to this figure.

If your dog likes to stretch out, buy a rectangular pad or bed for it. This type comes in multiple varieties, ranging from a 7-inch deluxe mattress to a thin foam pad. Measure your dog in the stretched out posture and add 12 inches to measurement to make sure that the dog bed you buy gives the pet enough comfort.

If your pet sleeps in both ways, a rectangular or oval shaped mattress or pad will make a great choice for the dog.

Also consider age and health of your pet when selecting the right type of bed for the dog.

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Our Guide To Choosing The Perfect Dog Bed

Dogs also require their beds just like you and it is important to buy the right type of beds for your friend so that, they enjoy their nap every day. Based on your dog breed, different types of dog beds are available and it is necessary to choose them according to your dog’s preference. A lot of things are necessary to consider before buying comfy dog beds UK such as whether your dog needs a bed, whether it is necessary to invest hugely in the dog beds etc. These are some of the things that you must judge while investing in them. You must understand that your dog needs a bed even if they sleep with you on your bed.

A lot of benefits are there, that your dog can get from the dog beds as your dog can use it for napping throughout the day, and for a sound sleep during the night. A cosy bed is way more comfortable than sleeping on the floor as it will help your dog to stay warm, prevents the trouble of arthritic pains, etcetera. Listed below are a few guides that you must follow while dog beds.

Getting A Round Bed

Do not forget to check how your dog likes to sleep, whether they like to curl them up into a ball while sleeping, and whether it makes him comfortable or not. You must then invest in nest type bed such as a Bagel bed or Donut bed. These beds are round in shape, that are topped with pillows, and are best if your dog enjoys walking in circles before making a perfect and tight circle.

Making A Tent

Tents are perfect for dogs who like to keep themselves hidden while sleeping. You can purchase covered beds like Tent beds or Cave beds. If your dog has short hair and easily catch a cold, then the tent beds are just the right choice since these are made of good quality fabric as well as foam that can add better warmth and security for your fur friend.

Welcome Mat

Dogs that are long-haired and enjoy stretching for them, the Mat beds are just the perfect choice. Mat beds are simply huge square pads that can be directly put on the floor. Due to its huge size, the bed helps your dog with the different options so that they can easily sleep or stretch comfortably or they can have their own space to chew their toys and can take rest.

Give Importance To Cleanliness

It does not matter which bed you choose for your fur friend, your dog’s bed must have a cover that can be easily washed and removed. This helps to maintain the hygiene and you can easily take off the cover and clean it so that it removes all unwanted germs and dirt particles.

Hence, you must follow these few guides while dog beds so that they receive comfort sleep during the night.

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5 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds

So are you thinking about getting a snuggling cute kitty at home? Why wouldn’t you? After all, cats and kittens are adorable, lovable, affectionate and playful and bring in a parcel of love and friendliness. And there are a considerable number of felines looking for a home to be adopted by someone with whom they can spend their day hanging and snuggling around. You may have a whole list to consider while getting a furry friend at home.

But before you make that important decision, you need to do some research. There are many factors involved in choosing a cat, some of which you may never have considered. Whilst each cat is an individual with their own personality and characteristics, there are some breeds which are generally friendlier than others. They may possess different characters and may vary based on their behavior, attributes, looks, and sassiness. Here is our pick for the top 5 friendliest cats:

  1. Persians

Persian cats are one of the top favorites of a cat lover. Persian cats have heavy bones and are highly expressive. They are soft to touch like a ball of fur and have a round face that you can anytime pull and kiss. Not only are their eyes round but the whole physique is in a circular shape giving them a bouncing ball appearance. They have a primordial belly pouch and broad chest with an articulated tail having curls and kinks.

They have a beautiful coat and along with their beauty comes the need for some extra attention. They have long hair to add on to their personalities; thus, the owners can expect some extra shedding. You can always make use of cat clippers and trimmers to keep your cat’s fur perfectly trimmed and maintained. The Persian breeds are very playful and were first seen in the cat shows at the palace of Queen Victoria. It is said that this breed is about 125 years old and according to studies it is said that they had Angora breeds s their ancestors.

They like being adored and are the happiest when they happen to grab human attention. They are undemanding and are all-time favorite buddies who do not create a fuss and will mostly spend their time sitting on their thrones (your lap). You can consider it to be a majestic breed which is quiet and committed to the family members who own them. If you wish of having a furry-purry friend, then Persian cats are an ideal choice to have a love able, mellow and sweet companion at home.

  1. Rag-doll

Another combination of friendliness and cuteness overloaded cats are rag-dolls. These cats stand out as one of the topmost competitors in the list of friendly cats. They are floppy and cuddly nature and possess a laid back behavior. They are so cuddly and love able that they will always find a chance to get on to your laps and love being adored by their owners. Their size is substantial and can weigh up to twenty pounds. They have white paws and belly stripes on their round bellies and are usually confused with the Binman breed.

Their life span lies in the range of fifteen to twenty years. They have long hairs to add to their glory and beauty with a sweet temperament. Their blue eyes can be considered to be one of their best features, and they appear to be so eye-pleasing that no one can stop themselves from adoring these cute little cats. They do not require much grooming and will always await you with their pretty eyes open wide to get going with their cuddles and snuggles.

  1. Exotic short hair

These cat breeds stick to their name, they have short hair, and thus you can consider them to possess manageable manes. Unlike their first cousins, the Persians, these cats have a short coat, though you may keep cat clippers handy for maintaining their fur in shape.

They inhibit natural beauty and do not require much grooming on a daily basis. They are highly friendly and affectionate cats and their round face and round eyes are enough to make you fall for them. They can melt your heart with their affectionate and playful nature and you cannot resist yourself from touching their silky coat. This exotic cat breed is believed to be a hybrid of American short-hair and Persian cats.

  1. Maine Coon

These cats are a perfect combination of a big heart and big body. If you wish of having a cat that looks big and has all the powers to steal your heart, then Maine coon is the answer to your dreams. They are normally larger than other felines and are giant sized but in no case exhibit any properties of a giant. They are lovable and friendly and can easily get along with other cat breeds and humans. They love to be well combed and groomed and thus owning a Maine Coon means you have to be in possession of cat clippers to keep your cats petted at all time.

They are also coined as plus size cats and have snowshoe resembling tufted feet. They have a dense bushy tail that they love to twirl on them as a blanket when they feel like having a cat nap. They are gentle and like having adventures. They are obsessed with a multi-layer coat and can add on some extra pinch of warmth when they occupy space on your lap. They do not expect entertainment factor from you when you come down after a hectic day, but would just like to hang around wherever you go.

  1. Siamese

Siamese cats are again just another cat breed that stands strong as a contender in the list of top friendliest cats. They are sleek in appearance with blue colored eyes and have their fur coats which vary in a wide range of colors namely orange, cream, brown, lilac, etc. They are affectionate, sassy and social animals and win lots of compliments and gazes wherever they go. So if you own a Siamese and have taken them out for a stroll then you are sure to find many eyes eyeing on your cat and its owner to be obsessed with such a beautiful creature on Earth.

So these were the names of the top friendliest cats. Do you own any of them? No! Then what are you waiting for? If you love cats and enjoy having a snuggle session after returning from a long tiring days’ work, then these cute and friendly cats can be your best friends at home.

pet care

How Often to Change Cat Litter

If you own a cat, you have a great company. Kids love them because these pets are very interesting when it comes to fun and games. They have lovely look, however, as all living beings on this planet, they are also a part of the food chain. It means they are useful for hunting, and they can keep your home clean of different insects, mice, and rats. These are some of the main reasons why people decide to buy a cat. However, cats too need appropriate care despite their abilities.

You typically purchase them while they are a small kitten, so you have to pay attention from the first moment. If you live in an apartment with a cat, a proper litter box is a mandatory requirement. It is a home within a home specifically developed for your pet. It has enough space and a lot of privacy inside, however, it is important to keep these boxes clean. That’s how you can provide maximal comfort for your cat while avoiding litter tracking and odor spreading.

As the name suggests, these boxes are typically filled with litter, and it has to be changed regularly. It does not mean you should empty it daily, but you have to pay attention to that aspect. All the waste, however, should be removed every day. That’s how you can keep the box and litter fresh. Cats love clean environment, so they can enjoy much more. They can even complain if it is not up to the standard, so you can find out about it in a bad way. But you should not let that happen, so keep it clean constantly. It is easy to maintain the hygiene of these litter boxes.

They are typically small and reachable, so you do not have to spend too much time. The litter itself has to be changed every 14 days. That’s how often to change cat litter. That’s the right measure to keep the box clean. There are different types of litter for a cat, and you can search for the most appropriate type in accordance with your needs. Of course, it is best to choose the highest quality ones because they can last longer, and they can provide an excellent experience for your cat.

Also, the cleaning is sometimes much easier if you use a quality litter. It eliminates odor and litter tracking, and you can use it in the long run without any serious issues. Typically, these types are made of fully natural ingredients. There are no deodorants and perfumes inside. Some of these high-quality litters are hypoallergenic, so they provide different health benefits, especially if you have kittens. So it is important to pay attention to specifications before buying. That’s how you can get the best product for your cats.

Many of great litters are available for purchase on the Internet, and you can find them on marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, for example. But you can buy them in specialized offline pet stores as well. The choice is, of course, yours.