Dog Crate Bumper – What Is It And What Is It For?

Dog Crate Bumper

It’s important for a dog to have alone time. Any pet needs a place to rest, sleep and escape from the bustle. Like their wild ancestors, domestic dogs have the instinct to find a private place where they can hide from everyone. Pets love comfort and deserve it, so just a firm crate without accessories will not be enough for them. To make a crate a softer and cozier place for your dog, you can use dog crate bumpers.

A dog crate bumper is an accessory that will help protect your dog from external stimuli (sun, dust, water, insects, etc.), and make a crate a private place where no one will disturb your pet. Bumpers also soften the hard corners of the crate, so it will be even more convenient for your dog to sleep in.

Saint Ernie’s dog crate bumpers

The Saint Ernie’s website offers several types of dog crate bumpers, each of them has its own stylish coloring and is made of high-quality fabric. The bumper’s foam lining is made of 100% cotton, and thanks to the outer buckles it is easily and firmly attached to the crate.

To ensure your dog is absolutely comfortable, don’t forget that the bumper needs to be washed and cleaned regularly, otherwise the dirt will make your pet uncomfortable. The dog crate bumper can be machine washed in cold water on a delicate wash cycle and then hung to dry. If you follow all the recommendations for use, the accessory will last you and your pet for a very long time. For the doghouse to be really comfortable, you would want to fit in the dog’s sleeping bed and favorite toys.

The bumper is easily attached from the inside, soft side inward. Each one has buckles that are tied to the bars of the crate and thus are firmly attached to it.

The catalog offers bumpers in three sizes, depending on the size of the crate:

  • Small — for small dog breeds
  • Medium — for medium dog breeds
  • Large — for large breeds

All Saint Ernie’s products are designed in Australia and made at Club Debut Atelier in Colombia. Create a comfortable and stylish place for your dog with Saint Ernie products. Thanks to an elegant design, each product can easily fit into any interior. All accessories are of a wide size range and are suitable for all dog breeds. Choose the one that fits you and your pet!