Compare Wolf vs Bobcat- who will win the deadly fight

A bobcat is a small size like a dog mostly or maybe bigger than a cat. It has a body that looks like a tiger, but has nothing similar like a tiger. The outer skin of the bobcat is printed like a tiger. The wolf is three times bigger than a bobcat.

As for a wolf, we know it is a wild, cunning animal and large in size. It is also a fierce animal. I never saw a wolf in a friendly way. They are wild and untamed to me.

Although they differ in size, bobcat and wolf, if they ever start fighting, bobcat has no chance of winning. I never saw a cat fighting with another animal, a cat fights a cat only. Whenever a cat starts an angry sound, it actually tries to make its opponent feel frightened. But the truth is, a cat always climbs on a tree or something and never tries to fight back.

The cat never fights with a dog or a cow, and is a domestic/pet animal. A bobcat is not a pet animal. It is a wild animal. The same is the case with Lynx, a similar looking wild cat. People often confuse Lynx vs Bobcat. They are similar looking cats but actually not the same.

Bobcat nature is to stay wild. But nature does not support it to fight. So if ever any-how, a fight takes place between a wolf and a bobcat, no doubt, the wolf will win.

According to its nature a cat cannot fight but flees. Just like that, if ever a bobcat and a wolf starts fighting, there is a chance that bobcat will jump up to a tree, or will try to save its skin.

A hungry wolf is a deadly animal. Wild wolf always attacks its prey to feed itself. I don’t think anyone ever heard of a wolf not attacking, when it is hungry. But if you fight, a wolf has a tendency to fight, so it will fight.

A bobcat is small in size, so it will never have a chance to fight. The bobcat will flee thus the wolf will become a winner. Fighting with a wolf and to be a winner, no chance for Bobcat. The wolf is the winner.

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