How to ship a great dane Safely without Hassle ?

As the great Danes are one of the biggest sized breeds  of  dogs, their sizes can be enough reason to make the whole shipping process complex. If you are a proud owner of a great Dane dog, then along with the travel safety it is essential to look after your dog’s well being while shipping.

Therefore, there are several methods to transport your big buddy. If you are about to ship him across the country or it is just a vet meeting, you can go for road transport. But when you are planning to move it cross country, then flying should be the ultimate choice.

So, let’s check out the prior methods and related tips that should be followed to make your beloved big baby’s smooth transportation.

Steps for transporting by road

Road shipment is the most recommended mode of transporting big pets like great Danes. Let’s take a look to the to dos:

  • Make your great Dane familiar with the travelling process since it’s earliest  age. By practicing this over and over  would make the dog gradually  feel comfortable with travelling by car.
  • Give your dog multiple frequent breaks while travelling with you. Let him stretch  out and drink little sips of water at least in every two hours of long drive trips. Also, ask the same to your transporter if you hire one.
  • Don’t leave your big canine baby alone in a locked car in the parking lot, even not with the AC on. Because, if somehow the engine stops working, the AC would off and it may cause suffocation to your pet.
  • Whenever you ship your great Danny in your car, you must keep it confined in a spacious crate or large ply-box. Keep that carriage in the backseat of your car and buckle that up with the car’s seat belt or with an extra harness. So that it won’t slide and the pet remains safe over the journey.
  • Take your big companion for a routine health check up and vaccination to an accredited veterinarian before making the shipment. Gather necessary medications and medical certificates and documents that might be needed in the further transportation process.
  • If possible, try to place your great Dane to the trunk of your vehicle and separate that space with a pet barrier. So that it won’t come to the passenger’s place and makes it a nuisance while driving.

Shipping by air

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Flying with your great Dane can be a very complicated process as you won’t be allowed to take it inside the flight cabin with you. The size of your great Dane might be a great barring. However, you can keep it with you inside the cabin if you have registered it as an emotional support animal or service animal.

The United States Department of Agriculture has regulated several travel rules to transport big pet animals by air. Along with that each and every individual airline has its own pet shipping protocol.

Here are few things to know:

  • You must book the tickets in advance and complete the related formalities. All kinds of reservations must be done at least before 15days of travelling. Although, airlines reserve the right to cancel your Dane’s journey if it is unhealthy. Booking tickets in advance does not ensure your pet’s flying as airlines can hold it due to extreme weather, improper carriage, aggressive or violent behaviour of your big pet etc. You must contact the airline to confirm your trip before flying.
  • As per USDA’s rules your pet should be fed at least 3 to 4 hours before flying. Don’t let it drink frequently as dogs have a tendency to fall sick when flying. Keep it hydrated by putting ice-cubes to the attached food bowl of the carrier.
  • Instead of tranquilizing the Dane you can use Zylkene and pheromones as per your vet’s prescription. These will help your Dane to be confined and relaxed during the journey.
  • Use a leash with a proper travel tag including your address, contact number attached to it. Attach the tag to it’s collar. You can also use a customized microchip mechanism for your Dane to ensure it’s extra security.
  • If you are shipping your pet as a cargo, you must choose the right carrier. The carrier should be well ventilated and spacious according to your big pet’s size. Also, mark the carrier as “Live Animal” and proper directional arrows to identify the top. So that it can be marked to handle with care.
  • Keep the necessary road permits and health certificates of the Dane with you. Make sure the health check up records are not older than 10 to 25 days.

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