Signs Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Dogs can experience stress just like humans. And while the causes may be slightly different, the symptoms and the negative health outcomes can be the same.

If you’re worried about your pet’s anxiety, there are things you should be on the lookout for. That way, you can help soothe them or get them medical attention if needed.

Read below to learn the signs your dog is stressed out.

  1. Unusual Changes to Eyes and Ears

A stressed animal may have physical signs of their anxiety, like dilated pupils or rapid blinking.

You may also notice that their ears change position from relaxed to pulled closer to the head. This shows that they are at a heightened level emotionally and could be experiencing stress.

  1. Isolation

If a dog is isolating himself, it could be a sign that he wants to be left alone or that he stressed. Usually, a dog can work through this on his own and it could be a sign that he was temporarily frightened or spooked by a sudden movement or loud noise.

Rescue dogs may also take some time to adjust to having people around all the time.

If you notice signs of separation, give the dog a little bit of time to adjust. If the behavior continues, consider consulting a professional.

You don’t want your dog to experience chronic stress for these reasons.

  1. Increased Shedding

Most breeds of dogs have some shedding. But if you notice that your dog’s shedding has gotten out of control, think about potential stress triggers that the dog could be experiencing.

If you have been away from home a lot or have construction at the house it could create an unusual environment that makes the dog feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

  1. Licking and Yawning

Much like shedding, a dog licking its nose or yawning may not seem out of the ordinary. But did you know that these are also signs of stress?

You might notice that a dog is drooling or licking its nose when you are about to give it a treat. This is a harmless short term version of stress as they await food. But if you notice the same behavior happening more frequently, your pup might be dealing with stress.

When a dog yawns it could be a sign of sleepiness but it could also be a stress yawn. If you see the yawn along with any of the other signs on this list, it’s probably from stress.

  1. Panting

If your dog is panting for no reason it could be stress-induced. It’s very similar to when humans experience stress and they are short of breath.

If the panting continues and is irregular with their behavior, call your vet for more information.

How to Use the Signs Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Now that you know the signs your dog is stressed out, how can you use that to help your furry friend?

The key is to keep their environment as normal and stress-free as possible. Keep them on a regular exercise and diet routine and avoid leaving them home alone for long periods of time.

If you think the issue may be more serious or that your dog has a health problem, contact your vet and arrange an appointment.

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