3 Things That You Should Get Your Vet To Check For Your Pet Regularly

We are a nation of pet lovers in the United Kingdom and of that, there is absolutely no doubt. Many of us treat our pets like members of the family and this is the way that it should be. Like people, our animals get sick occasionally and it is up to us to get them the kind of care that they need.

Our animals get up to tricks at times and we can’t keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. Sometimes, they get into trouble and they need to see a vet quickly and this is when you need to be looking for an emergency veterinary surgery in Dartford that can take your animal immediately and nurse it back to health.

Your local vet can provide many services for your beloved pet and these are just some of them.

  1. Your dog may need to de-ticked or treated for fleas. It is important to get your animal checked for such things as a tick bite can result in death if not treated quickly. Certain times of the year ticks are more prevalent and this is when you need to have your guard up.
  2. The cat or dog that you have is going to need some kind of vaccination to make sure that they don’t get sick later in life. These injections protect them from illnesses like parvo which takes the lives of many animals in the UK every year.
  3. Regular worming needs to be performed every three to six months for older dogs and more often for younger ones. Lung worm has become more prevalent in the UK with dogs and you need to get your vet to check for this as well.

For all your animal care needs, be sure to take your animal to your local vet for regular checkups.

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