Grooming your dog

A healthy dog can be recognized by the coat. But just like humans dogs can have skin or hair (fur) problems too. When the dog’s coat is shiny and feels well to the touch, all is good. If the dog is not well, has dandruff or an itch something got to be wrong. A dull, flaky or matted coat is often a sign of parasites such as mites, fleas or canine lice. Then it is about time for some grooming and a bath with a good dog shampoo that helps to rid our canine friend from its unwanted guests.

Don’t use regular shampoo. Dog shampoo is specially tailored to the needs of a dogs skin and fur. Dog shampoo is available in many different kinds and various care applications. Dog shampoo is not only to clean your four-legged friend but can also help against sensitive skin, skin problems and parasites. Protective Pet shampoo works well against parasites and other vermin and regular bathing together with wearing a flea/tick collars is important to reduce and keep bloodsucking parasites away.

  • How often to bath a dog?

Dogs shouldn’t be bathed or showered with shampoo too often because the natural protective layer of their fur will is damaged. Special canine shampoo with natural ingredients is best to maintain the natural skin fur balance of the coat.

  • Medical dog shampoo against fleas and ticks

Medical dog shampoo intended to work against fleas and ticks can provide immediate relief from annoying pests and protect against re-infestation. However, dog shampoo against parasites should always be used with caution, because of the active ingredients they contain. Those are chemical biocides that kill parasites. These agents are usually slightly toxic active substances which, if used improperly, can also cause problems for the dog.

Especially with puppies or young or very small dogs, one should resort to a shampoo that works with the help of natural substances. Natural biocides are significantly safer, but their effect on a pronounced flea infestation is usually not strong as synthetic insecticides. Natural dog shampoo for fleas, mites, and other parasites is often mixed with tea tree oil or other essential oils.

  • Additional benefits of dog grooming

Regular grooming has more benefits than just a clean healthy looking coat. When you comb and brush your dog fur frequently you will notice changes and potential skin diseases sooner. Even parasites like mites, fleas, dog lice or ticks will be detected early before they can reproduce and turn into a health hazard for your pet. Regular grooming also is good for bonding and strengthening the relationship with your dog. A well-groomed dog does not just look good, it also means the quality of life for you and your dog.

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