Caring for Your Senior Dog

Caring for Your Senior Dog

Having a pet is a long-term commitment that requires lots of care and responsibility for years to come. Dogs have unique needs at different phases in their life so it’s important to make a plan when they start the transition into their senior years. These tips can help you ensure you’re giving your furry friend the best care as they start to age.

Keep Them Healthy

Talk with your vet about Houston TX pet care and what your dog may need according to their age, history and breed. You may need to adjust their diet based on their risks for certain diseases. Also, as they become less active, it may be helpful to switch to a food that helps prevent unnecessary weight gain. Wellness checkups will likely be bumped up to twice a year so your vet can keep an eye out for any changes or issues.

Keep Them Happy

Although your dog may not be as fast and energetic as they once were, dogs of all ages still need exercise and plenty of play to keep them happy while engaging their brains. Even a gentle, slow-paced walk can do wonders to maintain weight, prevent stiff joints and boost your little buddy’s mood.

Keep Them Comfortable

As dogs age, they may need more gentle support as they’re more prone to arthritis and joint inflammation at this stage. Consider an extra supportive dog bed to cushion their body and try to avoid too many trips up and down the stairs. A health supplement can also help minimize inflammation and keep their joints well lubricated. If your dog appears to be in pain, talk to your vet about the options available to help them feel more comfortable.

Dogs can provide comfort, companionship and fun no matter what their age. Be sure to give your older dog the extra attention they need to stay healthy and happy during their senior years.