Getting Calories into your Sick Cat

Cats sometimes get sick and the owner of the animal, in addition to worrying, also gets a lot of problems. In addition to being able to properly care for a sick animal, the owner also needs to learn how to properly feed it. At the same time, it is important not to harm the pit, as well as give everything necessary for a speedy recovery.

Feeding requirements

If the pet is sick, viewing the veterinary has already been done, and the cat has been given all the recommendations needed to be kept. Therefore, you need to feed the animal feed, which was picked up in the veterinarian. But there are options when there is no clinic nearby or there is no way to be able to do it for some reason. In such cases, you need to act on your own.

The nutrition of the sick cat differs from the usual food supply:

  • Food must be nutritious and at the same time lean.
  • You can feed the cat chicken with broth in a puree condition.
  • The amount of food must be reminiscent of thick cream, so it is easier to swallow a pet, in that case, if it cannot be chewed.
  • No raw meat, fish, dairy products or bones.
  • In case of illnesses, it is good to feed the cat with a specialized food for the weakened animals, it contains all the necessary microelements.
  • It must be ensured that there is a sufficient quantity of clean water so as not to allow dehydration.

This is a general requirement for feeding domestic animals that are sick. But each individual case and the exact recommendations may be given only by the veterinarian after the cat is examined.

You can track the status of the pet for no more than two days. If the condition of the cat has not changed for the better, the pet needs veterinary care.

You sick cat cannot eat on its own

Depending on the condition of the pet, the cat may refuse food for a few days. You can try to remove the bowl with the feed, and after some time suggest cat eat again. But what to do, if the cat can’t eat on its own? You can try to feed a sick cat with the use of forces, as well as balanced food gives extra strength to the cat and helps a pet recover faster.

  • It is necessary to hold the cat, calm your pet down, and talk to it in a quiet calm voice.
  • First, spread a little feed on the face of the animal. Often, reflex occurs and it begins to lick the food.
  • If it doesn’t help, then you need to open the mouth carefully with two sides, holding it with your hands.
  • Put food in a small spoon and push it as deep much as possible, pushing to the root of the tongue.
  • Close the cat’s mouth and raise its head up, stroking the larynx. In this case, pet must swallow food.
  • Repeat a few times.
  • Remember, you should not overfeed a sick animal, especially if it itself refused food.
  • A few spoons of food will be enough for the cat. Better feed your pet more often, but little by little.
  • After feeding, be sure to praise the cat, pet it. Animals feel human support.
  • You can give water from a pipette or small spoon in small portions every two hours. Regardless of its condition, the cat should drink.

Feeding a sick cat will not take much time and effort if the pet normally swallows food. However, there are sad cases when, when fed with the use of force, the animal chokes on food, sneezes, and food does not go down the throat. If a few feedings did not end with a positive result, the pet needs urgent veterinary care. Usually, such sick animals are injected with maintenance drugs intravenously until complete recovery and the ability to eat on their own. A good owner should look after his cat, both in good and bad times And also provide timely assistance, because the health and sometimes the life of a pet depend on it. After all, very often the animal is suffering precisely because of the irresponsibility of its owners.

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