These Are the Benefits of Traveling With a Pet

Did you know that 85 million families in the U.S. own a pet? Are you a pet owner who is looking for the benefits of traveling with a pet?

In this article, explore all of these benefits of traveling with your pet companion. Read on to find out more and how this safe travel practice can be beneficial for both you and your pet.

  1. You’re Both Comfortable

You won’t have to worry about placing your pet in a kennel or with someone else. Or, have to worry about pet anxiety. You and your pet will both be comfortable jetting off on your next adventure together.

If you travel by motorhome, that’ll give them a nice and relaxing spot to take naps while you’re on the road. Whether you’re looking to climb in the mountains or swim in various lakes, your pet will be there to experience this with you. You also won’t have to worry about paying a hefty fee to board them in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar location them.

  1. You Can Worry Less

You won’t have to worry about how your pet is doing or miss seeing them. Instead, you can enjoy your trip.

Being away from them for extended periods can cause unnecessary stress for you and them. You can also consider pet transportation in winter.

  1. A Closer Bond

You and your pet will be exploring different places and forming new bonds as you go. After the trip, you might notice that your pet will spend more time with you and feel closer.

  1. Flexibility

Your pet won’t have demands about what to do and avoid as a human traveler might. For example, if you’ll need to cancel a hike because it doesn’t allow your dog, your pet will be happy to check out a different location.

  1. Slow Down

Going on a trip with other humans might mean that you’ll need to take a look at different things while there. A trip with your pet might turn out to be more relaxing because you can stop and take your time in each location not having to rush around to see everything.

  1. Meet Others

Traveling with your pet is a good conversation starter. People love pets and will be more likely to strike up a conversation with you, especially if they’re fellow animal lovers.

Tips on Traveling Safely With Your Pet

If you’re ready to fly, ride in the car, or sail, you’ll want to have all important documents ready before heading off. These documents need to be related to your pet as well, and what you’ll give to a vet in case of an emergency.

Also, if you’re flying, airports require certain paperwork before your pet can fly. You’ll need documents such as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, any medications they’re taking, and medical history. The medical history needs to include allergies and previous vaccinations as well.


You’ll need an ID tag and collar on your pet before traveling. Consider having a microchip if your pet doesn’t have one. This is vital if your pet ever goes missing and a vet’s office can scan for a chip.

Reduce Anxiety

In order to reduce anxiety for your pet, you’ll want to include food, water, exercise, and toys for them. Limit how often they eat and drink during the trip so that they won’t be uncomfortable between bathroom breaks.

Speak with your vet about different calming medications they can take right before going on the trip. See how your pet responds to it and ensure that it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.

Stop for Bathroom Breaks

Ensure that you stop enough throughout the trip for your dog or other pet to stretch their legs out. This will be good for making sure they’re tired and also taking a bathroom break.

Buckle Up

Along with you and fellow passengers, your pet needs to be buckled up as well. Use a carrier or harness that’s secured to your vehicle for their safety.

If your pet is free that can lead to accidents and cause fatal harm to your pet. If they’re not buckled in it can cause them to project out of their seat.

Also, many states require you to buckle up your pet. Some states prohibit drivers from having their pets in the truck bed as well. It can cause distracted driving if you’re holding your pet or letting them stick their head out of the window.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone

When you travel with a pet, never leave them alone in a car. They can freeze in the wintertime or overheat in warmer weather. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, it can be deadly for your pet. If you must stop and there are no other travelers, set a 5-minute timer for yourself to use the restroom and get back to your pet as soon as possible.

Pets on Trains

Did you know that you can take your cat or dog on a train? There are weight restrictions so check with your local train laws for details.

The cost is also low as well to travel with your pet. Keep in mind that there are restrictions for many trains as far as how many pets you can take with you.

Exploring the Benefits of Traveling With a Pet

Now that you’ve explored the benefits of traveling with a pet, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. Looking for more dog content? For everything from pet breeds to care check out our other articles today.

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