A Checklist for Bringing a Dog into the Home

If you have finally decided to introduce a four-legged member to the family, there is much to consider. Assuming that you have considered all the implications, and are prepared to make sacrifices, your next thing to decide is the breed of dog, which should be one that best matches your lifestyle. Typically, larger dogs require more exercise, and you can do some online research about various dog breeds, which will help you make the right choice. Here is a checklist for essential items you need to acquire before the dog’s arrival.

  • Bedding – Your dog will need his own bed, which could be a folded blanket, or one of the many doggie beds that you can buy online. His bed should be in the same place, and this is his area, so his toys and food and drink bowls should be kept there.
  • Vaccinations – You should find an out of hours vet in Devizes, who can insert a microchip and also give the dog his vaccinations. If he is a puppy, make sure he sees the vet within the first 7 days, and keep him away from other dogs until that time.
  • Set of Ground Rules – Training a dog is much easier if all family members are on the same page, so sit down with the family and decide what the dog can and cannot do. You might restrict his movements in the house, and once he knows he is not allowed to do something, he will follow along.

If you start as you mean to go on, your dog will very quickly fit into the family routine and become an integral part of the family.




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