Take The Pets Without Any Prohibition With The Support Of Animal Prescription

There are a lot of places where our pets would be made sorrow due to various signs placed there. All these boards convey a single meaning in them that the pets are not allowed in that particular place. This sign can be found at almost all public places such as airplanes and other public transportation vehicles, hotels, malls, residential buildings and other such places. The main places in the above mentioned list where people would mostly get affected as they would miss their pets are airplanes and residential areas. It is due to the reason that these are the places where the owners would miss their pet the most as they would have to stay away from them for a very long time or probably forever.

With the pets being more loyal to their masters than any other human themselves, the owners feel a pang of pain when the thought of having to miss their pet strikes them. The same can also be said for the pets by the look of sorrow that they showcase when being left behind in an animal shelter. To overcome the mutual sorrow expressed by both these parties, people have come up with organisations with an external helping hand extended by psychiatrists on helping the pet owners to retain their pets. The organisations come up with Emotional Support Animal Prescription that can be used to carry the pets during the flight journey in the passengers cabin or to a residential area that do not allow for any sort of pet. The letters are primarily of three different types with the basic plan starting at $149 which is the travel plan. With this plan, the pets can accompany their masters during any number of travels in a plane journey. It is valid for one year from the date of issuing of the prescription. The next is the care plan which is priced at $159 and can be used by the owners to carry their pets to any residential areas that have a restriction for having any pet. Even this is valid throughout the country for the duration of one year, after which the owners can renew the prescription if they wish to continue having their pet with them. The third and final type is the compassion plan type which is priced at $199 with accessibility to both flight travel and residential allowance. Since the Emotional Support Animal Prescription is recognisable globally, almost all flight carriers and land owners would accept to it without any opposition.

The method to obtain the prescription is very easy. The owners who feel the requirement of the form for any of the already mentioned purpose just need to visit a relevant site and then fill out a form that would need their details. They will then be taken to a questionnaire page containing various questions which are related to their mental state that the owner’s feel with the presence and absence of their pet. Once they are done with it, they can option that they wish to opt for and pay the amount accordingly. There are a lot of payment options possible for the customer to choose from such as credit card, online transfer and even bitcoin which are accepted by almost all companies. Once they fill in their details and carry out the fee transfer, the form is submitted to a psychiatrist who reviews the questionnaire and if they feel that the owners go to a state of depression without their pets, then they issue the Emotional Support Animal Prescription to the customers. If any user gets their prescription rejected, then the entire fee would be returned back to their amount as soon as the result is known or within the day’s time. For the customers who have their letters processed, they would receive the prescription within a day or two from the time of approval.

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