All You Need To Know About Chicken Feeders

Many people seem to think that feeding chicken is merely a simple task where you throw the food into a bowl-like container and leave it for chickens and chicks to feed. Well, essentially that might true but that’s just a part of the actual purpose. If you simply leave feed out there for them to eat voluntarily, do you think that all of them would actually get eat? When it comes to food, even the most mellow animals can get very competitive as their sole motto to survive is to eat as much as possible. With unequal quota of feed, your feathery flock can get sick or starve (and maybe frequently end up in brawl). To prevent such unfortunate situations, experts advise to use chicken feeders to feed your chickens the right way.

What is a chicken feeder?

Think of a chicken feeder as granary for the flock. It needs to safe from weather conditions, external exploitation and of course rough treatment by your chickens. Your chickens love to eat and to do so they’ll do whatever they can to get everything out of the container. They will peck at it, scratch it, tip it over and what not. What you need to make sure is that the feeder is strong enough to withstand all that and has sufficient weight that it cannot be tipped over. Also, it needs to be durable to stay safe from weather conditions such as rain, dust, etc. The feed ahs to remain clean and healthy for the flock to eat.

What are the different types of chicken feeder?

There are various types of feeders available in the market that can suit your purpose and prevent a mess as much as possible. Below are some of the most common types of chicken feeders:

Suspended chicken feeder

As the name suggests, this type of feeder is hanged from the roof of the coop (the shelter) of the chickens. This hangs at the height of their neck so that they can only feed from it and not scratch it or push it back and forth. It is a sturdy model for feeders and are also easy to clean and maintain,

Treadle chicken feeder

This type of feeder works with platform which opens up the lid of the feeder when stood upon. Your chicken might feel tricked at first but with time they will eventually learn to use it. The reasons to use this feeder is that it protects the feed from rodents and vermin. Also, as the lid stays shut when not in use, it is protected from weather conditions as well.

With the right chicken feeder, you will definitely have more time to spend with your chicken than cleaning up their mess. If you don’t know what to feed a newborn chick then you can visit to know everything about chickens.

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