The Practical Ways for Dog Obedience for Your Choice

The dog’s behavior is the result of the combination of various factors. Genetic inheritance, the education that it receives and above all the experiences lived as a puppy comes into play. You should know that obedience exercises cannot be something impromptu and impromptu. Your dog must learn to obey the commands you give him in the most normal situations of everyday life. It is important that your pet comes to the call, that he understands what behavior he should not have, that he remains immobile when you order it and above all that he learns the conduct on a leash. In Dog Obedience this is one important step.
To succeed, you need to start with these exercises right away. Puppies are able to understand orders as early as the fourth month. But this does not mean that an adult dog cannot learn. If you have adopted an adult and not yet “educated” dog, do not despair. It’s never too late to learn!
What you need to know to educate your dog
First, do not be overcome by discouragement. Don’t expect your dog to learn in four and eighty. Obedience exercises must be performed daily. With dedication and patience the dog will soon assimilate the orders.
You must be consistent
The teaching of orders involves the entire family unit. All members of the family must use the same words and the same gestures. The dog will respond correctly to orders only if the rules are clear.
Orders must be given in a vigorous and determined manner. You must not show yourself neither aggressive nor authoritarian. Obviously violence is banned.
You should always keep in mind that the game and the rewards facilitate the learning process . Your dog will be delighted to receive a delicious snack as a reward. But know that even a caress or a compliment is rewards for your faithful friend.
Basic tips for having an obedient dog
Each order must be accompanied by a reinforcement gesture. If, for example, you say “stop”, show him the palm of your hand as if it were an alt signal. If you say “come”, indicate the point to which you should go.
It is vitally important that your dog comes to the call. It’s his life. If you don’t teach him the dog could run away, get run over, get lost, etc. Also in this case use a word and a precise gesture.
If you are at the park and call your dog to go home, it is better to play with him before returning. It’s a good way to prevent your dog from associating the “come” order at the end of the games and the fun.

It is important that your dog learns to stop in front of an open door. You have to teach him to move only when you order it. The same rule must be observed in the street. Never ever can he cross if you are not the one giving him permission.

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