Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions

There is no denying the fact that pets are becoming more and more popular with people. Amongst all, cats are becoming the choice of a fair share of American residents. As per the American Veterinary Medical Association, U.S.A households have more cats as a pet than dogs. If you too find felines more suitable for your household, visit your local animal shelter or get in touch with veterinarians in Virginia Beach for the recommendation.

So, what makes cats a perfect pet to have? Well, to start with, they are highly low maintenance and fun to around.

Even though there are plenty of people who regard cats as anti-social animals, it is entirely a rumor. Many cat experts and cat behaviorists consider the cat’s highly intelligent and social beings. They love playing and keeping themselves clean at all times. However playful, cats are natural predators and love to pounce on things, so they need to be cautious of their surroundings. Specialists at Virginia veterinary clinic suggest giving the cat some time before warming up to your house.

They Love to Play

The thing with cats is, they don’t need unique toys for entertainment. Your cat can gravitate to anything and everything that moves. You might have cracked watching videos of cats following laser pointers. Catnip also works wonder in keeping cats happy and engaged.

Their Purrs Will Make You Happy

For someone who loves cat and owns one, cat purr is nothing less than an enchanting hymn. There is something warm and cozy about cat purr. If your cat rubs her body against you and produces this sweet purring noise, it means she loves you. But keeping the sentiments aside, do you know cat purr has healing and calming effect in our body? So next time you are feeling low, cuddle with your cat.

No Litter-Box Training Required

Having a cat saves a lot of time on taking dogs outside for his bathroom breaks. Cats are naturally drawn towards cleanliness. Given their instinctive behavior to keep clean, cats don’t require litter training. All you need to do is get them a nice and easily accessible litter box. But make sure that you keep regularly clean the litter box.

Grooming Is Up to Them

As mentioned above, cats love keeping themselves clean. They are 100% dedicated to their personal hygiene. Cats have an instinct to groom themselves and keep their claws, ears, and tail tip toe shape. Event their tongues have barbs that allows them to remove dirt from their body. Besides helping them remove dirt, the barbs in the tongue allow even distribution of natural oil in the skin.  But if you are planning to get long-haired cat breed, you may require taking her for a regular grooming session.

They’re Okay Being Alone Sometimes

Although cats enjoy people’s company, they don’t mind spending some alone time. Cats require a lot of quiet and alone time during a day. Unlike dogs, they get less anxious or depressed when left alone. Given how quiet and independent they are, most apartments allow keeping them as a pet.



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