What to Consider When Shopping for Dogs Bed

If you have a pet dog, you should make sure to keep it in best care and comfort. As a part of your daily routine to make it feel comfortable, you should choose the right type of bed for your pet. This article helps you decide the type of dog bed perfect for your pet. 

Why to buy a separate bed for your dog?

The adult dogs sleep averagely 14-16 hours a day. Definitely it needs to enjoy comfort during that prolonged time. A pet should have a place of its own so that it can always feel secure and comfortable. By buying a washable bed for your dog, you will also have a good amount of sleep at night as the pet is unlikely to causes disturbances. 

What type and size of bed to choose for your dog?

Before deciding the shape, size and type of the bed for your dog, you should find out how it prefers to sleep. Does it prefer to curl up or stretch out? Or does it simply love sleeping in both patterns? 

If your dog enjoys sleeping all curled up, an oval or round shaped bed having lots of cushion will be a great choice for it. For these snugglers, you will have other options as well. A bolster bed having cushions at three sides will provide a more contained and comfortable ambience for your pet as it will feel more secure in this type. Cuddle bags are also available and these look like bean bags, allowing the pets to feel comfortable in a surrounded environment. Some beds come with a trend-like cover so that the pets can burrow inside. 

If your dog sleeps in a coiled position, measure it at the longest point. Next, add 7 inches to each of the measurements. Make sure that the bed you intend to buy comes closer to this figure. 

If your dog likes to stretch out, buy a rectangular pad or bed for it. This type comes in multiple varieties, ranging from a 7-inch deluxe mattress to a thin foam pad. Measure your dog in the stretched out posture and add 12 inches to measurement to make sure that the dog bed you buy gives the pet enough comfort. 

If your pet sleeps in both ways, a rectangular or oval shaped mattress or pad will make a great choice for the dog. 

Also consider age and health of your pet when selecting the right type of bed for the dog.

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