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Hy, my name is Evelyn Townsend. I have been working with animals for over 15 years, and I love to share my knowledge of the subject.

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Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

Why Do Dogs Dig Holes
Dogs dig holes for many reasons. Some dogs dig holes to create a cool place to lie in during the summer, while others may...

What Dog Breeds are Good as Protection Dogs?

What Dog Breeds are Good as Protection Dogs
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How Long Is Kennel Cough Contagious

kennel cough
Kennel cough, or canine infectious respiratory disease, is an upper respiratory infection caused by myriad infectious agents. These include viruses, bacteria, and mycoplasma. Animals...

Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks for Dog-Friendly Hockey Games

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Long-Haired Dogs Should Be Regularly Groomed

Long-Haired Dogs Should Be Regularly Groomed
Share If your dog has long hair, you need to have it regularly groomed to keep the hair from matting. You need to wash your...