Check Inclusions and Exclusions of Pet Insurance Policy

Check Inclusions and Exclusions of Pet Insurance Policy

Your pets have the right to live healthy as your children and other family members get the freedom to enjoy the bliss of living in this beautiful world. A competitive dog insurance plan protects the life of a pet that needs urgent care for survival. TrustedPals is a recognized pet health insurance company that upgrades the health of pets by offering suitable medical insurance coverage for pets.

Top Pet Insurance Policy for Your Dog

Pets and aged dogs should not die of any disease or malnutrition. Pet owners must give them a lot of support to let them recover. The best dog medical insurance company provides fast financial support to pet owners for bearing expenses on veterinary services. It covers medical tests, yearly diagnosis/medical exams, and accidents. TrustedPals has created a flexible Wellness insurance policy which is a single product. A dog owner gets easy medical coverage for his dogs by buying this top pet insurance pack.

The listed dog on the declaration page of TrustedPals is eligible to get the maximum health insurance benefits depending on the age/health condition of the dog. Wellness health insurance is a single healthcare program which provides the same medical coverage to all pets/dogs. It is the best pet health insurance program for the life care of your pets.


  • For prescribed drugs and therapies, your pet health insurance policy will give you coverage
  • The recoverable diseases are also covered by this single Wellness pet insurance program
  • Any chronic medical condition that occurs after the date of activation of the policy or within the period of the running pet insurance policy
  • If the feeble dog expires during the treatment, the insurance company will give you financial compensation
  • In the event of euthanatizing the bed-ridden dog suffering from an incurable painful disease like cancer, you will get the necessary financial backup from the underwriter including the expenses on euthanasia.
  • The top pet insurance coverage includes the expenses on prescribed nutritional food/any long term therapeutic procedure recommended by the specialist.


  • The policy does not give any assistance or medical coverage to the pre-existing disease.
  • Any disc/hip replacement surgery within the first 12 months after the activation of the policy
  • The dog which is not included in the declaration of the page of health insurance policy will not get any benefit from the underwriter.
  • The pet insurance company does not approve any claim regarding the expenses to buy any over-the-counter medication without a prescription.
  • The policy does not cover any medical expenses for the injury or illness which takes place during the war, civil war, and communal insurgency.

TrustedPals has minimized the intricacies and formalities for pet owners to apply for the beneficial pet insurance package. This company has a flexible co-payment option after deductibles. Experts assist you to calculate the amount for making co-payment. It is a reliable pet insurance company which saves your domestic animals from different types of illness, accident, and injury.