Which Dog Breed Is Right for You?

Dog Breed

Are you ready to add to the family? A four-legged friend is often a welcome selection, bringing a bit of extra love and joy. Just like families are not all alike, not all breeds are the same. Temperaments and interests vary, so it’s essential to research animals before picking one out. Look into pure breeds to know a bit of what you’re getting. A bit of leg work at the beginning may make the transition easier for everyone. Here are four questions to consider.

Do You Have Kids?

Some dogs are gentler than others and deal better with tiny hands and toddler tantrums. When little ones are present, dogs demand patience and awareness. Select breeds that are easy to train and show a great deal of affection. Boxers, beagles, terriers and spaniels are just a few that may work for the home.

Do You Have Medical Conditions?

While it may seem like allergies would knock out dogs altogether, that isn’t always the truth. Many people are allergic to dog hair, so a significant consideration here would be shedding. Read up on dogs that don’t shed a great deal or require grooming often. The following is a list of dogs that are considered easier for allergy sufferers:

  • Chinese Crested
  • Hairless Terriers
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Maltese

Keep in mind that hair may still fall. Invest in a good vacuum as well.

Do You Like to Workout?

Dogs should match their owners’ personalities. Someone very active tends to enjoy a furry friend who likes to keep busy. Enjoy walks together and playtime at the park. Champion breed german shepherd puppies are one example of a playful pup who loves to stay occupied. If you’re not interested in going for long walks, consider a basset hound or poodle.

Spend weeks, if not months researching dog breed backgrounds. This investment may pay off for you and your new little one by guiding you to find the right breed.