Treating Arthritis in Dogs Naturally

Over the past few decades, arthritis has gained a widespread reputation for affecting a wide range of population ranging from adults to kids and even animals. According to a survey, roughly 20% of the canine population, exclusively dogs, are primary victims of this disease. Treating arthritis in dogs naturally is what most of the pet owner seek for their beloved one. Arthritis, in simple terms, refers to joint inflammation which leads to immense pain and discomfort, thereby adversely affecting limb control and mobility such as walking, running or climbing. It is widely classified depending on its symptoms and causes.However, dogs and cats are mostly affected by osteoarthritis, caused by a gradual decay of cartilage around the joints, mainly because of aging.


Dogs and exceptionally large breed dogs tend to be very stoic in nature, but with prolonged suffering and pain, they begin to cast some common symptoms such as:a.) Inability to walk or stand comfortably,b.) swelling in joints or loss of flexibility,b.) declined interest or resistant in walking, running or playing.

Treatment of arthritis in dogs naturally

With an increase in the affected canine populations, veterinarians ought to recommend supplements and drugs that can reduce the pain and relieve soreness. Even though the market is flourished with anti-inflammatory drugs, people often abort their use on dogs and cats as they can have severe side-effects on their gastrointestinal system. So the way of treating arthritis in dogs naturally is the most followed and safe option for your pet.

Some of the commonly used approaches for treating arthritis in dogs naturally

1. Weight management

One of the critical solutions is to check and maintain an optimal weight for the species. Overweighed animals tend to apply a distinctively higher weight on their limbs which may produce an accumulated pressure on joints, catalyzing the wear and tear of the cartilages. Therefore, healthy weight control can alleviate arthritis in dogs.

2. Enriched Environment

Canines, suffering from arthritis, are subjected to extensive pain and discomfort. Thus, a healthy change in their environment becomes essential for these sufferers. There is a wide availability of orthopedic beds that can serve, as a soft and warm abode to these animals. Thick bedding is also helpful in escalating their recovery as the warmth can reduce their inflammation. Use of ramps, rather than stairs, can facilitate and also assist their comfortable movements.

3. Diet Control

Exposing these animals to appropriate diets and supplements can bring positive changes in their bodies; triggering the immune system to respond strongly against arthritis. Sources that are highly enriched with anti-inflammatories agents, such as papaya, ginger or celery, can significantly reduce swelling and pain. Homemade diets, as well as high-quality supplements, can provide essentials nutrients and vitamins especially vitamins B, D, and E, that may reverse bone degradation as well as boost their ligaments health.

4. Regular Exercise

Exercise can play a very crucial role in helping and way of treating arthritis in dogs naturally. Controlled and regulated exercise can help in improving their flexibility and mobility. Gentle massages and stroking can help these animals to feel a sense of relaxation, as well as, improve their blood flow to muscles and joints. Swimming in warm water is also an effective way to reduce the ache and inflammation for these sufferers.However, it is critical to understand that free or intensive training can actually escalate this problem to severe outcomes. Continuous use of these techniques should only be extended based on the response of the animal. Thus, professional help or advice in this remedy can be beneficial.

5.Proper Hygiene and care

Sometimes proper care and maintained hygiene can significantly reduce mild to severe pains of arthritis. A massage using coconut oil or application of turmeric on affected areas can soothe the pain and relieve arthritis in dogs.Moreover, grooming, such as a check on overgrown nails, can help in calming their pain, as unchecked large nails may cause difficulty in walking or proper alignment of paws.These remedies are incredibly subjective to the intensity of pain and discomfort caused by arthritis in dogs. Thus, if these solutions do not yield the desired results, it becomes necessary to provide proper medication and treatment to these animals to relieve arthritis pain in dogs. Prolonged use of natural remedies, without any signs of improvement, must be restricted and wisely monitored. Other treatments like acupuncture or homeopathy can also act as a potential remedy towards this problem besidestreating arthritis in dogs naturally.

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