Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks for Dog-Friendly Hockey Games

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You are not alone if you enjoy hockey! Hockey is a famous sport in the United States and other countries. So, since you enjoy playing so much, getting a dog to play with you is a wise decision. Fortunately, according to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, there are numerous dog breeds with which you can spend quality time, either at an actual game during events such as Pucks and Paws or by participating in game-related activities.

As a sports enthusiast, you can engage your dog in a variety of physical activities, from a simple game of fetch with a hockey puck dog toy to spinning a soccer ball into a goal. Whatever you want to do, any enjoyable activity will keep your dog not only physically fit and active but also happy.

1. Pet Soccer

– If you love hockey, you might love having your dog aim it without the puck and stick. Soccer is gaining traction in the dog-sporting picture and is enjoyable for both you and your canine companion! Dog soccer is played like human soccer. Typically, there is an aim, and the dog runs and starts pushing the ball with its nose and body.

It takes some practice for any dog to master, but once perfected, it’s a “ball” to play! There are even tournaments for this sport, and if your pet is particularly skilled at it, this could be a wonderful start for you and your dog to get some exercise together or with other dogs.

2. Paws and Pucks

– Paws and pucks events are held in a variety of professional and semi-professional hockey competitions. This is an activity where you can bring your furry family members to watch your favorite sport. Your dog’s admission fee is usually donated to the Humane Society or another dog organization.

Because hockey is your sport, why not bring your companion to watch the game? Observing the game with your dog can enhance the experience for everyone. But before you go, double-check the rules. Typical rules include retaining your dog on a leash and ensuring your pet is well-behaved. Your dog will be able to get water and go to the bathroom in the arena.

3. Hockey Puck Fetch

– Toy hockey pucks for pets are available. A few of them even have squeakers to keep your companion entertained. When attempting to play fetch, any dog chases after the thrown object, try to grab it and return it to you. It’s understandable that not every dog understands how to fetch. You can teach your friend how to fetch any toy.

But even so, patience and practice are required. Once your dog understands the concept, you can even throw numerous pucks and see which one is chased and scooped up. Because hockey is your game, a toy hockey puck is simple to grab and return.


Physical activity is critical for any dog’s health, according toMatt Davies Harmony Communities. It gives them a sense of accomplishment while also being beneficial to their health. It also strengthens your relationship with your dog. If you’re familiar with sports like hockey, chances are you’ll be able to find a fun and engaging activity for your dog.

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